Disc Golf

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Disc Golf

Disc Golf is also known as Frisbee Golf!

Disc Golf is a very simple game to understand and to play. So you throw a Frisbee around a course, aiming for the basket (i.e the hole).

You use different weighted frisbees depending on what king of distance you are aiming for, like you would in golf choosing different clubs.

Just like golf the person who gets around in the least amount of throws wins!

Sounds easy right? Wrong! Most of us weren’t a part of the ultimate frisbee team in college, so more than likely the only time we would have had frisbee in our hands in Ireland would have been on a rare sunny day or when we went on holidays.

Seeing your best mates struggle with this seemingly easy game all leads to some hilarious activity and frisbee fails!

Finally, why not try this fantastic activity in our Galway Stag Package? You’ll have great craic with a round of Disc Golf, lads!



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