Father Ted Tour

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Father Ted Tour

Careful Now! Down with this sort of thing!… If you’re a lover of the greatest TV show in history, (the opinion held by many in Ireland), then a Father Ted Tour is the stag party activity for you.

You’ll start the tour by visiting the Lovely Horse Waterfall. You’ll know that this is the waterfall where Ted and Dougal’s music video for their eurovision entry was shot. On the bus journey to your next stop you’ll be provided with priest and nun outfits. And of course a Mrs Doyle outfit. Because someone has to make the tea.

Your next stop will be at the Craggy Island Parochial house itself for some photos and to remember some of the greatest moments in the Father Ted series. Because who can forget the moment Bishop Brennan found out he was kicked up the arse. Or when Bishop Jordan is propelled in the air after Ted flushes the toilet resulting in a heart attack. Which scene will you re-enact out side Craggy house?

Or if you fancy you can pop inside and enjoy a cup of tea in Craggy House! Ah go on…go on…go on…go on…

It’s then onto the pub for the Mrs Doyle bread buttering competition. This will be more competitive than you think. If you’ve all decided to dress up as the ‘Lovely Girls’ lads, the organisers will hold a lovely girl competition for you on the bus.

A brilliant stag party activity for anyone who loves Father Ted. So will you be rounding up the lads and heading on the Father Ted Tour?

Remember lads, as Fr. Stack would say “I’ve had my fun and that’s all that matters”.



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