Whiskey tasting

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Whiskey Tasting

Take some time out of the rat race, sit back and sip some quality golden nectar. There are plenty of pubs and locations around the country that offer whiskey tasters to stag parties

Whiskey tasting is a great option for non-outdoors lads, or a stag of mixed ages that just don’t want to get wet on a paintball course. It’s also a great option for a small group or for a groups with the Dad and Uncles along

Check out our Jameson Distillery Tour in our Cork Stag Package and also in our Dublin Stag Package. A seriously good option for a stag party with tasting included

Whiskey Tasting is also available in our Sligo Stag Package, Kinsale Stag Package and Kilkenny Stag Package.

Or if you are in Mayo and you are more of a beer man than a whiskey man, The Broadhaven Bay Hotel has a stag package with Beer Tasting included in it. Our Tralee package also has a fantastic beer and curry class


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