5 reasons you need to have your Stag in Kilkenny

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5 reasons you need to have your Stag in Kilkenny

Our 5 reasons you need to have your Stag in Kilkenny are super convincing! Hit up the Marble city to celebrate in style.

1. Kilkenny loves Stag parties

Everybody loves to be loved. Kilkenny embraces that culture more than any other town or city in Europe. It is one on the most popular destinations for Stags on our list. It’s not that it’s just a beautiful spot with loads of historical buildings and quaint narrow streets, it’s about the people. They are great, are entertaining and have great wisdom and a marvellous sense of humour. Think of the laughter and economic festival that takes place in Kilkenny every year with some of the top economic commentators and comedians; “Kilconomics”

2. Loads of Hen Parties

Like the stags, this city is also a favourite with the Hens on their last hurrah before the big day. Let’s face it, there are only two people committed in these two groups, the groom to be on one side and the bride to be on the other. So, as they say in Kilkenny, “on your bike lads and make hay when the sun shines!” Many a romance blossomed as the result of a chance meeting in the Marble City. (We are of course assuming that there’s no one a home with a rolling pin waiting for you behind the kitchen door!)

3. The Pubs

Kilkenny is known as the Marble City and so maybe there were so many stone masons working there down through the centuries that each one got a pub of his own. Every second door way seems to lead into another watering hole. There’s little chance of getting bored with the surroundings as your stags can just drift off to the pub next door.  Each establishment does its utmost to hold on to their clients so the standards and enticements are high. Don’t lose count of your drinks and don’t keep going till your back teeth are submerged as you could end up going home with the wrong Stag Party. (Remember the ball and chain and that rolling pin!) Actually, this activity is affectionately referred to as ‘Pub Hopping’.

4. Activities

Modern Ireland prides itself with providing its people with a wide range of sports and activities. You can see how seriously we as a population take it. Not one overweight person on this green Isle. Anyway, Kilkenny and the surrounding area offers plenty of choices for stags. There are obstacle courses, paintballing, which is very popular.

Kayaking on the river and clay shooting and archery are also very popular. Let’s look at clay pigeon shooting as an alternative to the more widely booked ones. Now is the chance to be a real cowboy with a shotgun hanging on a folded arm? The instructors will set up the moving target, position you properly, show you how to fire the weapon and when you shout “pull” they will release the clay disc that shoots from the trap while you try and blast it out of existence. It will take several attempts to get the hand/eye coordination just right and accurate but when it happens there’s a great buzz. Of course, the great beauty of clay pigeon shooting is nothing gets killed and no one gets hurt.

5. Accommodation

Because Kilkenny is such a popular destination for stags, it is in the best interests of the local business community to put a huge effort into maintaining very high standards. That applies more than anything to the hotels and B&B’s.

The range is perfect.

In conclusion, it is fair to say that it’s an easy decision to make, to go there, as you consider the 5 reasons you need to have your stag in Kilkenny.



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