Irish Drinking Games

Irish Drinking Games

Irish Drinking Games

If you’re looking to get in the mood for a mad night out then these Irish Drinking Games are for you! These drinking games aren’t for the faint hearted and you’ll probably won’t need a drink for the rest of the night after them. All you’ll need for these drinking games lads are a deck of cards, dice and the willingness to drink.


1. Shot Potato

This drinking game isn’t rocket science. Similar to playing Hot Potato except you’re passing around a Shot instead. Turn on the music, pass around the shot and when the music stops the person with the shot drinks it. No one gets eliminated lads. The game ends when the bottle is empty. Best of luck is all I’ll say.

2. Power Hour

The Power Hour drinking game has varying levels of difficulty however the rules are simple. The lads playing have to either drink a beer or down a shot every 2 mins. Last man standing wins and the loser must do a forfeit. If someone should complete the hour, they shouldn’t have to buy a drink for the night! So, start the clock and maybe have a bucket ready.

3. The €2 Spin

This is a drinker v drinker game lads. You’ll need a €2 coin or any coin for this game. Fill a jug or pitcher with as much beer as you want your opponent to drink. If you’re a good sportsman you’ll fill up each pitcher equally. Get a pal to spin the coin, and as the coin spins, both you and your opponent must drink as much as you can before the coin stops. Who ever drinks the most before the coin stops wins.

4. Irish Poker

You’ll need a deck of cards for this one lads. To be honest every stag party should have one. The dealer will deal out 4 cards face down on the table. The person to the left of the dealer goes first to guess if the first card is red or black. If he calls it correctly he gets to nominate someone to drink for the length of time on the card. If he’s wrong he has to take a shot. Keep going until you’re basically full to the brim and ready to hit the town. A truly brilliant game to play on the stag night.

5. Irish Roulette

Grab some dice for this game lads. Crack open a bottle of Whiskey. It is Irish Drinking Games we’re talking about here. And prepare to drink some shots. This drinking game is very simple. Again it’s a drinker v drinker game and it’s first to 5 shots. Both drinkers roll the dice and the person who rolls the lowest number drinks. More dice, more players and sure you could expand further through a simple World Cup Format.


The game ends really when you can’t see the numbers on the dice anymore.


So there you have it lads, some of the best Irish Drinking Games to kick start your stag party weekend and any big night out you have coming up!



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