A Limerick Pub Crawl

A Limerick Pub Crawl

A Limerick Pub Crawl

Limerick is one of Ireland’s best cities to visit. Hands down I’ve never had a bad night out there. And if you’re lucky to be on a night out after a big Munster rugby win you’re in for something special. The Treaty City is a fantastic stag party destination and this is only backed up by Limerick’s brilliant pub scene. So if you’re thinking about heading to Limerick for the stag weekend. Here’s a Limerick Pub Crawl to wet your appetite.

Now I know I’ll have a few lads disagree with a few choices I’ve made and possibly the route I’ve taken. But if you think there should be a pub added or I’ve missed. Do get in touch.


1. Dolans Pub – Dock Rd

So first on the list on a Limerick Pub Crawl is Dolans Pub on the Dock road. It’s as good a place to start as any lads. But this pub is great for catching a match on TV and setting yourself up nicely for the rest of the stag night. Also a top pub for some pre-match pints before a game in Thomond Park.


2. McGettigans

Just off the Shannon Bridge roundabout and onto Mallow street, McGettigans is the next stop on my pub crawl. A fantastic bar that will serve up tasty pints and pub grub too. Not a bad idea to get a bit of soakage early into a pub crawl lads. At the weekends this pub is a lively spot and will certainly get you in the mood for a big night out for your mates stag.


3. Glen Tavern 

Another 5 minute stroll max will take you to my next stop, the Glen Tavern. A real welcoming pub, with great staff, a real traditional pub with good pints, food and most importantly atmosphere. A top pub to enjoy a proper chat and joke with the lads on the stag party weekend. Also they have a lovely selection of whiskeys on the top shelf behind the bar if that’s your thing.


4. Tom Collins 

Off then on my travels to Tom Collins bar on Cecil St. This pub has a fantastic selection of gins, spirits, wines, beer and craft beer. You’ll also find some local brews on tap here from Treaty City Brewing. A must for those who either love a good gin or craft beer. I won’t lie, I found it hard to leave the place.


5. Costello’s Tavern

Costello’s Tavern has somewhat of legendary status in Limerick. Slightly run down, a bit dirty but don’t let this put you off because it just seems to add to the character of this great pub. They welcome everyone in with open arms each weekend. The music and the atmosphere are as fantastic as the pints poured behind the bar. You’ll also find a bit of beer pong in here too lads. Never a bad thing on a stag party weekend.


6. Jerry Flannery’s

The first of 3 pubs I’ll visit in Limerick with “Flannery’s” in the name is the Munster Rugby legends bar. Because you can’t have enough Flannery’s pubs. At the weekends this bar will attract a great crowd. The staff are brilliant, the atmosphere electric and when you add this to the great selection of drinks behind the bar you know you’re on to a winner. Also lads if the weather is on your side you’ll find a great beer garden here too and there’s always a bit of sport on TV here.

A top spot to go to after a Munster match.


7. Flannerys

It’s only a short walk lads to my next stop. This is vitally important information if you’ve already broken the seal and are in dire need of a piss. Flannerys on Shannon St. is a fantastic “cosy” feeling pub. It would be a pub that if I lived in Limerick I’d love to be my local. The staff again are great, the drinks even better and regardless if there is sport on the TV, if it’s a Saturday night or middle of the day. The atmosphere here is always great.


8. Mickey Martins Pub

Up the road with me to Mickey Martins Pub to enjoy another drink hopefully by the open fire. There’s just something great about enjoying a pint by the fire. This pub always has a great atmosphere and has a fantastic outdoor area too.


9. Paddy Frawleys 

Off to possibly the most central pub on my pub crawl. Paddy Frawleys is just up Thomas St off O’Connell St. It has a fantastic selections of beer, great atmosphere and is a great spot on a Saturday night.


10. Nancy Blakes

Nearly towards the end of my pub crawl and these last 3 bars are all within a stones throw of each other. Nancy Blakes is a really popular spot for both Stag parties and Hen’s alike. Great live music, top atmosphere and quality taps. Just what you want on a stag party.


11. Flannery’s Bar Limerick

It’s around the corner then to our 3rd and last Flannery’s. Flannery’s Bar Limerick is a pretty large venue lads over 2 floors with 3 bars. So don’t worry you won’t be waiting long for a pint or getting a round in. On a Saturday night this place will be hopping and everyone inside is on for a mad night out. A great spot to kick on into the early hours of the Stag night.


12. Smyths Bar

Known for it’s live music, Smyths bar has bands playing every night of the week. You’ll be up dancing in no time. They also have some of the best cocktails in the city here. If you’re not a cocktail fan they have some fantastic whiskeys and gins behind the bar too. Whatever your tipple you’re in a for a great night here.


So there you have it gents. A brief synopsis of a pub crawl that’s waiting for you on a Limerick stag party weekend. Limerick as stag party destination has so much to offer and this is only a taster of what a great weekend is waiting for you in the Treaty City. Hope you enjoy the pub crawl and who knows I might meet you along the way.


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