The Rugby Drinking Game

The Rugby Drinking Game

The Rugby Drinking Game

Rugby has become nearly a year round sport. Gone are the days of it being an exclusively winter sport. There’s plenty of rugby to looking forward to like the Lions Tour, summer rugby tours, the Pro 12, 7’s rugby and even a splash of Super Rugby. So, if you and your mates are on a stag party weekend and should a game with the oval ball come on the telly. We have the Rugby Drinking game for you!

So, the rules are very simple lads. There are two types of drinking to know throughout the match. A Swig/Gulp or Downing your pint. Although depending on the rule you could end up taking 2 swigs etc. So, here we go.

The Match

  • 1 Swig for a Try
  • 2 Swigs for a Penalty Try
  • 3 Swigs for a Yellow Card
  • Down your pint if there’s a Red Card
  • Down your pint if there’s a Bonus Point Win

The Commentary

  • 2 Swigs for the commentator saying ‘Numbers’
  • 2 Swigs for the commentator saying ‘Shifting it wide’
  • 1 Swig for someone bringing up Ireland beat the All Blacks. (More raising a glass to that great day.)
  • 2 Swigs for a commentator mentioning that a team is on for a Bonus point. Losing or winning bonus point.
  • 3 Swigs for a pundit saying they’ve ‘Earned the right to go wide’
  • 3 Swigs for a debate on the High tackle

Moments in the Game

  • 3 Swigs for the cameraman finding a hot girl.
  • 2 Gulps for cursing caught on mic.
  • 1 Swig for every angle used by a TMO
  • 3 Swigs for a Fight
  • 3 Gulps if a player loses an item of clothing.
  • 1 Swig for a reset scrum. (That could potentially be alot of drinks)
  • 2 Swigs for Nigel Owens making a funny comment should he be reffing.

The Final Whistle

Simply down your pint and get another round in. So simple!

Post Match Cliché interviews 

1 Gulp for each of these words used but a coach in his post match interview.

  • Performance
  • Got the result
  • Physicality
  • The Boys
  • Front Up
  • Obviously
  • Patterns
  • To be honest
  • Attitude

So, there you have it lads. The rugby drinking game is brilliant craic to play during any match and even more fun on a stag party weekend. It’s also a great way to kick off the stag night and you can’t beat a bit of sport and beers with mates.



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