7 Types Of Lads You’ll Meet At Karting

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7 Types Of Lads You’ll Meet At Karting

We’ve all been there! You go Karting for the craic with the lads for some stag fun but once everyone gets onto the track it’s a whole different story! Here are a few of the characters you’ve more than likely bumped into! So here are the 7 Types of lads you’ll meet at karting!


1. The Sly Mover

He’s the quietly confident but friendly guy that nobody ever suspects. Little does everyone else know, he has a game plan! You’re doing laps and think you have it in the bag, only to find that this guy swoops in out of nowhere and passes you out just like that – It’s always the quiet ones!


2. The Macho Man

He’s a man on a mission. He comes in to destroy the rest of the lads at karting and does just that! He’s the type that goes around saying things like ‘there’s no prize for 2nd place’ or ‘winners never quit and quitters never win’ (yawn). He probably has his winners speech rolled up in his pocket ready to brag to the rest of the lads when he’s standing on the podium in 1st place. Go karting is his way of showing that he is and forever will be better than all his friends.


3. The Motivator

We all need some encouragement and motivation in life. This guy knows exactly what to say to you to make sure that you’ve got your head in the game before you enter the karting track. He only wants the best for you and is a great team player. He’s all for the team building and camaraderie and that’s exactly what a stag party needs! We salute you!


4. The Newbie

This guy turns up to the karting track full of adrenaline and ready for a new challenge. He’s listened to the motivator before entering the track and he is pumped for the challenge. He knows that to win it he needs silky smooth steering. He’s no sooner on the karting track and he gets outlapped 25 times in the first 10 minutes of the game! God loves a trier right?

5. The Quitter

He cannot stand the fact that everyone else is far better than him (even the newbie – yikes!). He excelled at paintballing and thought that he had karting in the bag. He carries on with the game for a while and tries to make out that it is not bothering him that he is being out lapped. He leaves the track feeling like a deflated balloon. I guess he’ll have to wait until the next stag party to find out if he will be taking home the alpha male title!


6. The Poser

This guy is all about his appearance and is only concerned with his reflection and how he looks in the karting gear. It doesn’t come as much of a shock that he brought his own helmet just to be a little different and stand out from the rest of the lads. Pity his go karting skills are lacking. You just know that he’s the type that will bring a selfie stick!


7. The Expert

He may be your best mate outside of the track but once the gear goes on, the helmet is in place and he is sitting in his kart he becomes your worst enemy! He has done his homework and knows all the tips and tricks to get the fastest time. Defeat does not come in to his vocabulary. He is aggressive and ruthless when it comes to passing out the slower karters. He’s not afraid to use his bumper and will do what it takes to make sure that he passes you out. He’s also been known to hop out of the seat on the tighter turns to increase the engine speed! This guy knows his stuff! It might seem a little drastic but when every second counts you gotta do what you gotta do!


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