Big Match

Big Match

Bring the Groom to see a Big Match!

So you’ve been chosen to be your mate’s best man and you know what that means, you need to start planning a stag party. A stag party is the grooms last big night of freedom before he walks down the aisle to his (hopefully) lovely bride to be! One of our favourite stag party ideas is to bring the groom to see a big match.

Bringing the groom to see a big match doesn’t have to happen on the weekend of the stag. It could be something for just his closest friends rather than a big gang of the lads. Or it’s a great idea if you have a small group of lads for the stag party anyway. More often than not the groom is going to have a favourite soccer/rugby/GAA etc team. So why not bring him to see a big match as part of his last few weeks of freedom. If the stag is a fan of sports he will love this idea.

This can be done in Ireland, for a GAA or a rugby match or England for a soccer game or even further afield. This idea doesn’t have to cost a bomb but will be priceless for the stag. Depending on the time of the season one sport may work better than another.

Combine the big match with an overnight stay and a night on the town to make it as memorable as possible. This will take a bit of organising. Especially if there is a few lads going, and you have to go abroad. But a big match is an idea that the groom will love. Just make sure when organising the big match that you go for the team that the stag loves most. Not the one you love most.



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