Stag Party Games

Stag Party Games

Unlike Hen Party Games, the options for stag party games at Stag Nights for the lads are a bit more black and white when it comes to what goes down well for entertainment – drinking games. We would like to say now it’s always important to drink sensibly and we don’t recommend drinking excessively in games to enjoy your Stag Night. But there’s no denying it happens.


Of course, there’s always the more laid truth or dare with forfeits which is a great laugh. Get some good Stag Party Dares going for the Stag himself. Maybe after a meal out or in a Stag Friendly bar to kick off the evening. Start off easy to get into the swing of things. Something like “Dare the stag to start licking armpits”. Perhaps all the more daring if you’ve been having a packed day full of adrenaline racing Stag Party Activities.


The more quiet Stag Nights might prefer something along the lines of multi-player video games tournament, a scavenger hunt on a town-wide scale, or a simple board game with hair raising dares. If it’s getting the stag a little bit inebriated is definitely what you’re after. There are some classic choices such as “Buffalo”, “Kings”, “Ibble Dibble”, “Never Have I Ever” to name just a few.


Quite fankly though nothing beats a good game of Poker. Especially with a Whiskey or Beer tasting in a Stag Friendly bar. It’s a proper Stag Party Game to kick back and enjoy the evening with your mates. For more ideas on how to get the most out of your Stag Night. And, for ideas and packages on Stag Parties, visit!



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