Stag Party in Prague


So you don’t want to have the stag in Ireland. The idea of going to the UK for the Stag doesn’t appeal and your mates are all snow white so a trip to Spain or the Algarve for the Stag definitely isn’t a good idea as they would fry like turkeys. So where is left to go? Lads, it’s all happening in Prague.


Why Prague?

That should really read, why not Prague as Prague is taking off as one of the most popular European destinations for a stag party out there. It’s close and the flight only takes two hours. You can fly out of Dublin. They don’t use Euro so you’ll be using Czech Crowns. But the good news is they go a long way. It’s pretty cheap out there when you arrive. Book your flights far enough ahead of the Stag, and your stag party in Prague shouldn’t cost much more than a stag here in Ireland.

What to do in on a Stag Party in Prague

This is what makes Prague fun for a stag – there is so much to do. You can drive a Tank, yes you heard correct. And actual tank. (You can’t do that in Kilkenny lads!) Or for something totally nuts why not take an indoor sky dive in a wind tunnel. Dress up like a knight and have a joust with your mates (Crazy as this sounds it’s actually a really popular event) or

Or take a trip along the Vltava river with plenty of drinks on board to keep you warm. Set up shop in some of the famous Prague brewerys and sample their delights. You see many restaurants have their own breweries so you can eat and have a pint. Nice. Other stag party activities in Prague are all the usual suspects such as bubble soccer, paintball and karting all available for your Stag. But in Prague!

If you want to catch a match while you are on your stag party in Prague, there are also some English Bars and Sports bars for groups who want to see sports matches, especially up by the old square.

Nightlife in Prague

At night there are bars that actually encourage you to dance on the tables.  Plenty of beers to chose from in Prague. The beers are light beer, dark beer and semi which is a mixture of light and dark. The dark beer is the easiest and lightest tasting beer. There is literally a bar off every main square in Prague and Bars stay open until about 4 and clubs until 6…… Irish breakfast can be found in Irish Bars for the morning after the night before. But be warned! You will pay more for it!

And of course there are strip shows for the lads that want them too.

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Stag Party in Prague

Stag Party in Prague


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