The Spike

The Spike

The Spike

With all Stag parties it goes without saying that on some point on the trip the Groom will be humiliated and pranks played on him. There are so many classic pranks out there that it can be hard sometimes to come up with something unique and that are bound to catch him out. That’s where ‘the Spike’ prank comes in.

Okay before you think it, it’s not that sort of spike. Most of us bring a glass of water to bed after a big night out and leave it on the locker next to our beds. We all wake up the next morning dehydrated and it feels like the Sahara desert in your mouth. You are gasping for any type of drink. And, then you see it a big pint of water to quench your thirst.

By now you have to see where I’m going with this. After the groom passes out, either swap or leave out a glass of “water”. Instead of water will be vodka of course. When the groom wakes and decides to take a massive swig of water only to find it ‘s vodka. He will end up spraying it all over the room! It’s always a hilarious moment to see and there will be laughs all round.

If he downs the whole thing with out batting an eyelid, you may need to get him checked out.



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