The Inferno Shot

The Inferno Shot

The Inferno Shot

Lads let be honest the odds are that at some point on the stag party weekend there will be a some sort of stag party drinking game. So why not take it to another level and play the Inferno shot stag party game. This stag party drinking game will really separate the men from the boys.

The Inferno Shot consist of a shot of Tequila and a shot of Tobasco or Hot Sauce. If you really have no self respect for your body and internal organs, chop up some chili’s and mix them in.

Here are the rules so lads and best of luck to all those who are brave enough to try the inferno shot.

  1. Ok to start with only those who want to play should.
  2. Every lad drops a €1 into a glass. This will be the prize money
  3. Place the shots on the table and place your hand behind your back.
  4. Down the shot without using your hands
  5. You can drop out at anytime…but be prepared for some slagging from the lads
  6. Then all those looking to do round 2 step forward
  7. No drinks, or water in between shots. That’s the burn time
  8. The winner is last man standing, so will you be prepared to go more than 2 rounds.

A side note, do make sure to get a few photos lads. The face your mates pull after down these shots will be priceless and who knows you might catch someone spraying it out. And if you do get a great pic of someone after having an inferno shot please do share it. We love seeing the reactions.

So will you be brave enough to try the Inferno shot?



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