Top 10 Stag Pranks

top 10 stag pranks

One the best things about organizing a stag, other than planning an epic weekend away with your best mates, is the fact that you are all on the same wavelength of giving the stag a proper send off and of course playing as many pranks as possible on him in the 72 hours you have him.

So here at StagParty HQ, we’ve put together the Top 10 Stag Pranks, that will ensure he’ll have a stag he’ll never forget.


1. The Lamppost Prank.

Simple yet effective, this will make the stag wish he had never agreed to go away with a pack of messers. The video below will show you how to get the stag tangled. The best location to try this in my opinion is bang in the city centre.

2. Dress Up.

The classic stag prank tradition. ‘L’ plates, revealing clothes, to wedding dresses are some of the best and will make for some awkward moments as the weekend. If you really want to turn heads, break out the mankini!

Top 10 Stag Pranks Borat Mankini

Top 10 Stag Pranks Borat Mankini

3. Handcuffed to someone.

Every stag and his dog are is looking for a littler person to be handcuffed to. Easier option handcuff the stag to the best man for the weekend. It will add to their friendship, especially with some awkward moments when the beer and takeaways run it course, but ultimately it will lead to a fantastic icebreaker when the best man speech comes around.

handcuffed to stag

Handcuffed to stag

4. The Mars Bar.

Take one stag. Insert beer. Allow beer to put stag to sleep. Take one Mars Bar. Unwrap and place neatly at the back of the stags underpants. Allow stag to sleep peacefully and await the chocolately brown and caramel hilarity to happen when the stag wakes up.

5. Tantastic.

Making sure the stag looks his best is one of many jobs the best man and groomsmen will have on the wedding day. So make sure to get some practice in and turn the stag into a bronze adonis. If he’s reluctant apply the tan generously when he sleeps and allow it to dry in for 8 hours. It will take him days to wash it completely off. A stag prank that lasts.

Ross with bad tan

Ross with Bad tan

6. The Airhorn.

The stag will surely feel the effects of all his friends generousity. There is only so much beer and shots a man can take before it’s time to sleep. Enter the Airhorn! Anytime the stag tries to dose off, make sure he rudely awake!

7. Paintball Pain.

We’ve all been paint-balling and will usually have some left over come the end of the day. That was before we all did our best impression of Rambo earlier in the day, and wasted countless amount of paintballs and ended up buying more. Ah but there is a silver lining, this allows you to leave your mark on the stag from the weekend. The stag must take one paintball shot from each of his friends to the back side. Ouch!

lets play paintball stag party

Lets play paintball

8. The Plaster Cast.

If the stag should fall asleep, which he will, plaster his leg! It will make for an awkward couple of hours. It’s a great memento as everyone can sign it and also when they get back to their fiance he can play a prank on her.

9. Waxing.

If the stag could be mistaken for a gorilla with the copius amounts of hair he has. Why not organize to have his chest and back waxed. I’m sure the beauty therapist will be more than willing to allow his friends take a strip. This stag prank is one of my personal favourites.

10. The Kidnap.

This stag prank takes a lot of planning and organization. Don’t let the stag know when the party is on. Get onto his boss, to organize the time off and also see would it be ok to kidnap one of your best mates at work so that no one calls the Gardai. Plan the getaway, with his bags packed by his lovely fiancé (don’t be surprised if she says rough him up a little), and keep him blindfolded until you arrive at your destination.



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