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Cable Traversing
Navigate a series of taught cables using a range of different methods and aids while encountering a number of obstacles along the way.


Jacobs Ladder
In a team of three or four, climb to the top of the Ladder, one log at a time. You will have to work together to get from one log to the next one.


Double Leap of Faith
Climb to the top of the wobbly pole in pairs. Once standing on the platform you jump together and catch the trapeze bar, before being lowered safely to the ground.

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Cost: €230 for a Maximum of 12.

*Archery can be an additional activity for an extra charge OR can replace the Jacobs Ladder.
*5-a-side Soccer or 80 Metre Zip Wire can be included in the package.

This issample package that can be done on your Stag for a maximum of 12 people,Packages canalso be designed for larger numbers and differenttime frames.

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