Carrick-on-Shannon Adventure & Games Activities

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  • Flight Simulator: Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? Here is your chance to try it! With the top of the range equipment you will truly feel like a pilot!
  • Bare Foot Broken Glass Challenge: Take the challenge of your life and walk bare foot on broken glass. You’ll receive full training and it’s lots of fun. You must be sober for this activity!
  • Rowing Boat Experience: A fun water based activity for the afternoon!
  • Game Pod: Unleash your inner gamer and enjoy a gaming session with your friends. We also bring all the gear to you in a mobile van. The gaming theatre has six 43 inch 4K screens and six Xbox One consoles and PS4 Pro consoles. There is also a Nintendo Switch handheld console. All of the latest games such as FIFA, Forza, and Fortnite to name but a few.

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