Galway Action & Sport Activities

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  • 5-a-side soccer: Perfect for the lads who’d rather play than watch it for the afternoon!
  • Archery Darts: Basically it’s Darts played on an 8 ft Velcro Dart Board with Velcro Darts. The aim of the game is to hit the target. So how’s your accuracy? Let’s find out who has the best shot.
  • Archery: This is a fantastic activity for your Stag! Think Robin Hood but much cooler and without the tights!
  • Axe Throwing: Spend an afternoon learning the art of throwing an axe and unleashing their inner viking! This one will put some hair on your chin lads!
  • BattleZone Archery: Battle Zone Archery is an exciting fast paced activity that will keep everyone entertained. Teams face off against each other within the Combat Zone. Using specially designed bows and arrows their aim is to take down the enemy or targets in a series of challenges.
  • Bubble Soccer: So you want one of the funniest activities to try for your Stag? Think playing soccer in a zorb ball!
  • Bubble/Goggle Football Combo: Can’t decide which one you want? No problem! With this option you can split your time between both!
  • Disc Golf: This is definitely something new to try! Aka Frisbee Golf! So you’ll have great craic throwing the frisbee around the golf course!
  • Fishing: Enjoy an afternoon spin fishing on rivers and lakes for salmon and trout!
  • Footgolf: Test your footballing skills with a round of footgolf. A brilliant option for a footie mad Stag!
  • Goggle Football: Its time to put on some vision impairing goggles and try to score! Because the beer googles you already have doesn’t make it hard enough…
  • Hurling/ Gaelic: Experience the thrill of both games with the lads for the afternoon.
  • Karting: So you fancy having the Ultimate Bragging Rights? This one can be organised for your group at one of Europe’s largest Karting tracks!
  • Kayaking: A great activity to do for the Stag Party! Take a spin down the river in a kayak!
  • Mountain Biking: A fun filled activity where you can test your limits and speed.
  • Paintball: For any adrenaline junkies out there, this is the perfect activity for your group! So get ready to feel the sting…
  • Segway Polo: Polo without the horses. Two teams trying to score against each other while riding around on Segways. You’ll also warm up with a game of Segway Frisbee and Segway Nerf gun battle beforehand.
  • Skill Zone: Spend 2 hours trying out loads of different sports. You get scored out of 100 points for all the sports. The person with the highest amount of points wins. So do you think you have the sporting skills to win?
  • The Stag Olympics: Enjoy 10 wacky activities, like a Dizzy Penalty Shootout and Throwing a Toilet Seat to name a few. This is the ultimate challenge on a Stag Weekend. Great craic from start to finish lads!

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