Kilkenny Action & Sport Activities

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  • Paintball: So, for an adrenaline pumping and fun activity for your Stag. It’s gotta be Paintball. What’s better than running and gunning with your mates?
  • Karting: This is a fast paced and enjoy a podium presentation for the winner! The winner of the race will have the Ultimate Bragging Rights!
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting: What man doesn’t want to point a gun and shoot? Well now you can and it’s a lot of fun!
  • Archery & Target Shooting: Enjoy an archery session followed by target practise with big guns. So knock off two birds with one stone with this activity.
  • Bubble Soccer: This is a fun way to play soccer! Get into your bubbles and try to stay on your feet. But it’s a great laugh with the lads!
  • Laser Combat: Have a blast with some Laser Combat with the lads! You’ll have no bruises for the big day with this activity!
  • Pitch & Putt: Great stag activity option for getting outdoors without using too much energy. Let’s see which one of you has the best aim.
  • Tree Top Walk: Fancy yourself a bit of an adrenaline lover? This is the perfect activity for you!
  • Fishing: A nice and chilled afternoon activity for the lads that love to fish.
  • Airsoft Shooting Range: Something different for your stag party! If you’ve ever wanted to try a Shooting Range then this is as close as possible to the real thing.
  • Hurling: Learn more about this fantastic game while playing! So keep those legs nice and quick, lads!
  • Segway Polo: No horses, just two teams trying to score against each other. The only difference? You’ll be on Segways. Warm up with a game of Segway Frisbee and Segway Nerf gun battle beforehand.
  • Footgolf: A brilliant mix of football and golf! Let’s see which of you can get the ball in the hole the quickest.

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