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Hangover Survival Kit

Hangover Survival Kit What is more memorable than your best friends stag night? The morning after! Come to think of it, most of the time it is difficult to remember the stag night at all!? In fact, parts are hazy. Thank god for camera phones, right?! The best way to sooth your best friends post stag night condition is to assemble the perfect hangover kit. Pool together all the nifty hints and tricks you have accumulated over the years by each others side and combine them in this amazing hangover survival kit. It may not erase the efforts of the night previous but it will help. A Large bottle of water: A large part of a hangover is severe dehydration. When your friend is struggling to understand where he is, he may find it difficult to muster the courage to leave the bed. Fill a large bottle with water and he will thank you later! This simple yet vital component will be the most effective tool in your hangover survival kit. Vitamin C: We all know that Vitamin C is amazing for us. Think of how amazing it would be in your best friends hour of need! Vitamin C sachets can be purchased from most chemists or super markets. Pop a few into this hangover kit so that your friend can reap the benefits of Vitamin C, and replace some of the health that he might have lost. Eyedrops: Eyedrops really help you look like you are a lot more alive than you feel. This may be particularly useful if there are soon-to-be in-laws floating around. Your best pal can pop some drops into his tired, red eyes and they will improve just enough so that he doesn’t look like a demon. He will thank you for it! Chewing Gum: The benefits of this menthol scented wonder tool are well known. A simple packet of chewing gum can make the world of difference! Your friend will have a minty scent that masks the smell of defeat. Also, it will replace any lingering alcohol tastes in his mouth from the night before. Something both he and the bride-to-be will be thankful for when he gets in from the Stag Party weekend. Chocolate: In recent years it has been said that chocolate is one of the best cures for a hangover! Some decent, 70% or darker chocolate is full of antioxidants and can help restore the happy feelings that have been exhausted by last nights hoodwinks. Include a large bar of chocolate in your hangover survival kit to create those fuzzy feelings! Plus he's probably going to be hungry too. A voucher for their favourite takeaway: Top things off with the ultimate cure. A hefty voucher for a local takeaway where they can spare no expense in indulging their wildest 3-in-1 or fish and chip fantasies! Emotions are running high at this time, and do not be alarmed if this makes your best friend break down in tears. Get a vouchers for online food delivery app! Or maybe just swing by with one of everything from the menu at their favourite Chinese. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach lads. After putting together this outstanding hangover survival kit for the stag party weekend, your friend will be so grateful - they may in fact try to marry you instead. Your best friend will be fully prepared to face the room full of in-laws and marry the bride of his dream when he returns from one of the best weekend of his life.

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The Strangest Hangover Cures

The Strangest Hangover Cures We all have a hangover cure that we stand by. A tried and tested process that you undertake on waking up from one hell of a night out. It might involve a greasy fry up, a bottle of lucozade, an Ice pop or simply even another alcoholic drink. Whatever it is it works for you and when someone else has a different approach you often gasp at that can't be your cure. So I did a bit of research and found The Strangest Hangover Cures. Some of these are just bizarre and others I just don't think I could stomach. Dried Bull Penis Yep you didn't read wrong there. Dried Bull Penis is something that the lovely people of the Italian island of Sicily have been chowing down on for centuries any time they felt hungover. Not something you'd find down in a local centra but maybe in a pet shop as it's common enough over here as a dogs treat. When you think it about it's probably healthier than a sugar loaded energy drink and more than likely it's salty like a fry up too. But the idea of chewing on Bull penis after a night on the sauce isn't for me and the Sicilians can keep that one. Duck Embryo In Egg Staying with the disgusting theme, this delicacy in the Philippines is their go to hangover cure. This lovely dish is call Balut. It's a duck embryo boiled in it's own egg. You start by piercing a hole in the shell and drinking the juices before munching on the little duck inside, feathers, bones and all....I can actually feel me stomach turning! Getting Buried In River Sand Just to give your stomach a break, this cure doesn't involve any food. Supposedly this is an old Irish way to cure a hangover by being buried neck deep in river sand. I can kinda understand the fresh water waking you up. But surely you run the risk of drowning or catching pneumonia. Thankfully this is an old Irish way. Irn-Bru Sausages They brought us Haggis and they brought us Deep fried mars bars. Now Scotland brings us Irn-Bru sausages. You basically cook your bangers in the Irn-Bru. Supposedly it's meant to be nice and after the previous cures on the list, the one I'm more likely to try. Running And Licking Sweat The Native Americans hangover cure was basically to run flat out to sweat out the poison. Another tribe member would then lick the sweat of the tribe members body and spit away the toxins. Manky! For a bunch of lads known for natural remedies they could have come up with something better than this hangover cure. Lemon In The Arm Pit Sticking with where sweat comes out theme. Lemon in the arm pit is a hangover cure in Puerto Rico that you do before drinking and not the morning after. Supposedly you rub it in the arm pit of your drinking arm and it was thought to protect you from dehydrating. Well if it doesn't cure your hangover at least you'll smell nice. Pickled Sheep Eyes In Tomato Juice The bloody Mary wasn't enough for the hardy Mongolians. So they went and dropped some pickled sheep eyes in to cure the hangover that ails you. Not for me I reckon, the idea of my drinking looking at me would be enough to put me off. Deep Fried Canary The Romans brought us a lot of great inventions and ideas. However the ancient Romans hangover cure of deep frying a canary is one I'm glad is still left in the past. But when you think about this must be why we all crave a breast in a bun at the end of the stag night. Sparrow Droppings in Brandy Some how when I imagine myself waking up with a hangover and my breath is smelling like shit. The idea of using bird shit as a hangover cure doesn't fit. But the lads in Hungary enjoy this popular dish called lángos to help them get back on their feet. They simply mix in some sparrow droppings with a bit of brandy and sip away. They can keep that hangover cure too! So there you have it just some of the Strangest Hangover Cures from times gone by and from around the world. Think I'm going to stick to my old tried and tested cure of a fry up, a mug of tea and being held by someone. I also hope you were able to keep your food down unlike this guy!  

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