How stag Parties have evolved over the last 20 years

By: Enid
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How stag Parties have evolved over the last 20 years

Here we list the 4 greatest changes

While ‘How stag Parties have evolved over the last 20 years’ might not be high on the agenda of your “to do list”, there are reasons for including this frivolous bit of historical content. It’s fair to say that the event went from a casual meeting of friends down to some woeful depths and back up again. It morphed into a new animal with new behaviours and trends.

1. The Stag Night Out in earlier days

I suppose it would be fair to mention that we are talking about a time forty years ago or thereabouts. Prior to that Stags were something that had four legs, a tail, horns on their heads, yes, the head. No, don’t try working that one out; it could be dangerous so just look it up in Wikipedia. Santa had a couple of them in a shed behind his gaffe at the North Pole. He’d whip them into action on Christmas Eve before going for a burn up around the world leaving the missus to clean out the poo from the shed before he got back. The later Stag Party usually involved close male friends and male members of the Groom’s family that went for a few social drinks after work, the night before the wedding. It was always very civilised as they chewed the fat. Everyone went home early.

2. The dreaded drink, we think.

The Stag Night out became an itch that needed more scratching. Guy’s began to feel that they could milk a good night out for all that it was worth. So the kick off time got earlier and guys took a half day from work. Most blokes turned up with a huge lip on them and ready to drink Lough Erin dry. Soakage was introduced for the first time. A few bags of crisps and some nuts; as time moved on that became more sophisticated with the introduction of egg sandwiches and if the budget could be stretched, ham sangers with brown bread; how posh was that? Mind you, the crowd was still turfed out on the street at closing time, 11.00pm in the winter and 11.30 pm in the summer to the sounds of “have ye any homes to go to”

3. Hitting the bottom of the barrel in terms of “funny things to do”

The odd watering hole would provide a private room and if luck ran your way, an extra hour on the premises. It should be pointed out at this stage that travelling to a stag night out would require getting the local suburban bus into town and shanks mare on the way home.

That was not before the groom was “done over”. The range of perverted ideas ran from shaving off half his moustache if he had weeds on his face. Shaving off both eyebrows while he was plastered and could feel no pain; it got worse; stripping him totally and fastening him to a lamp post using cling film. Again, only possible if the patient is under anaesthetic, lots of mixed drinks. Sometimes these poor blokes would “come-to” in the morning as traffic was passing and all the other ding-dongs at home in bed sleeping off the effects. At least there was not a drug culture at that time.

4. Moving on to moving out

The bounce up from the bottom was significant. Stag parties became a weekend end away from the home town. The weekends became structured with more emphasis on activities and food rather than just getting plastered and falling down and no recollection of events afterwards.

A change for the better for sure we think, as we review the 4 greatest changes in Stag Parties.



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