Athlone Stag Party

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Only an hour and a half from Dublin, Athlone has become one of the biggest Stag Party hot spots in Ireland! The town has everything a Stag Party needs to have a great time! So this is our Athlone Stag Party Package.


We’ve come together with some of the best businesses in Athlone to bring you this fantastic Stag Party Package. So from accommodation to activities, food and drinks, we’ve covered it all. We’ve even got reserved areas for you and the lads. One thing’s for certain in Athlone…you’ll all have an incredible time on the Stag Party. So let’s get straight into the package.

Firstly, our Athlone package includes town centre accommodation with breakfast! So not only do you avoid a long walk back to bed after the club. You also get fed the morning after which will set you up for the day ahead.


Next we’ve got the activities. The afternoon of the Stag Party we have plenty of activity options to pick from:

  • Sports on the Big Screen: So you want to keep up to date with the results? Why not watch some of your favourite sports on the big screens.
  • Booze Cruise: This is becoming a very popular activity for Stag Parties! Relax and take in some of the sea air with the lads. Music, booze and great fun!
  • Power Boat: Enjoy this adrenaline fueled power boat for your activity. An experience you don’t want to miss out on.
  • Paintball: See how good your aim is and spend an afternoon shooting paintballs at your mates.
  • Escape Rooms: You and your mates have to use a variety of mental and physical skills to escape the room so you can all make it to the pub.
  • Olympic Sports Day: Throwback to your youth, old school sports day with all the favourites like egg and spoon, sack race, three legged race, pipe race, Horse shoe throw, Pillow bash, Team relays including our new relay with the Giant Connect. All the usual races, participants can be competitive or just have some light hearted fun.
  • Footdarts: A combined sport of football and darts. Aim of the game is to hit the giant sticky board. Includes multiple competition rounds and of course an aim for the bulls eye competition. Joker balls are added to each round for an extra challenge.
  • Inflatable Water Park: Spend and afternoon being a big kid jumping off trampolines, leaping off inflatable cliffs, climbing over obstacles and flying down slides into the water. Brilliant craic lads!
  • White Water Rafting: Raft down the river with your friends!
  • White Water Tubing: So,instead of rafting down the river, float down it with a tube!
  • Water Zorbing, Aqua Sphering and Pier Jumping: These range of activities are fun,
    exciting and definitely one for the water lovers.
  • Archery and Stag Challenge: Compete against each other and see who hits the target!
  • Canoeing: So you want another fun water sport option? Give canoeing a go!
  • Bubble Soccer: The latest craze sweeping across Europe, try this for your Stag Party!
  • Mountain Biking: So you want to feel the adrenaline pumping? This is the one for you! A brilliant activity to do on the Stag!
  • Dodgeball & Tag Rugby: A 60 minute activity. Two great high energy games. So keep things moving and switch up the games during the session, this will really get your adrenaline going. The perfect icebreaker for your day!
  • Whiskey Distillery Tour: Learn how your favourite whiskey is made before enjoying a tasting!


So after the activity we have food. Food is arranged in a top bar in Athlone with plenty of big portions. So, you’ll have all the soakage you’ll need.


Then, we’ve organised a round of shots for your group in another top bar in Athlone!


Later on in the night, enjoy a reserved area and free entry into one of Athlone’s hottest nightclubs!


So lads, you get all of this as part of the Athlone Stag Party Package. Prices start from €69pp.


Finally, contact us today for more information!

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So for more information on Athlone or on the above activities, check out our website and follow us on Facebook.

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