Blackpool Stag Party

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So lads, you’re thinking of heading away for a UK Stag Party? How does Blackpool sound? It’s an amazing town and a fantastic location with everything a Stag Party needs. We have a Blackpool Stag Party Package for you and it’s right here!


You’ll be pleased to know that all of our packages are tailor made to suit and every each group. So it’s completely up to you as to what activities, accommodation, etc, you’ll have on the Stag Party.


So we have put together one hell of a Stag Party Package that will be packed full of all the Stag Party Activities you know and love including Bubble Soccer, Bar Crawls, Karting, Kayaking, Paintballing, and even Combat Archery. But these aren’t the only activities available on a Blackpool Stag Party. Pop us an email on and we’ll send you the full list.


We can organise any type of accommodation that you’re looking for. These range from self-catering apartments, hotels and hostels. By choosing the type of accommodation you’ll help us make sure that we have the best Stag Party accommodation ready for you and your band of mad lads to hit the strip. So don’t worry, our accommodation will be in the heart of all the action, so you don’t have a long walk home later that night. The central location also makes things much easier in terms of travelling around because everything will be nearby.


So what say you, lads? You’ll have all of this and more so contact us and we’ll give you the full details. Why not let us take all the hassle out of organising the Blackpool Stag Party for you?


So contact us today for more information on a Blackpool Stag Party!

Enquire for more informationCall us at 051-390383


So for more information on the town of Blackpool or maybe on any of the above activities, check out our website and follow us on Facebook.

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