Carlow Stag Party Packages

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Welcome to Carlow, the perfect destination for your Stag Party! Just an hour away from Dublin, Carlow has everything you need for an unforgettable Stag Weekend. 

With great bars, clubs and a fantastic atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Carlow is quickly becoming the town of choice for Stags and Hens alike.

At our Carlow Stag Party, we’ve teamed up with the best businesses in the area to provide you with a package that covers everything you need for a great weekend. You’ll be staying at a hotel on the outskirts of town with breakfast included and access to that all-important residents bar. Plus, we’ve got a variety of activities lined up for you to enjoy whenever you need a break from the pub.

Choose from watching matches in a top pub on a big screen TV, adrenaline-pumping paintball, 5 a side soccer, or race against each other in Karting with a podium presentation at the end. If you’re looking for something outdoorsy, River Adventures is a great option, or you could try Bubble Soccer, The Cube, or even Segway Polo!

What Our Carlow Stag Party Packages Include:

Our Carlow Stag Party Package takes care of all the planning, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the craic with your mates. Here’s what’s included…

Carlow Stag Party Accommodation:

On your Carlow Stag Party you’ll be staying in hotel accommodation on the outskirts of town with breakfast. You’ll also have access to the all important Residents’ Bar! Everyone loves a good Residents’ Bar, right lads?

Carlow Stag Party Activities:

Carlow Action & Sport Activities
  • Paintball: So you want something a bit more energetic? Feel the adrenaline pumping with this activity. It’s great craic from start to finish!
  • 5-a-side Soccer: 5 a side soccer for an afternoon. Perfect for the lads that want to play instead of watching.
  • Karting: Race against each other in Karting and prove who’s got the need for speed! There’s also a podium presentation at the end.
  • Bubble Soccer: Have fun with Bubble Soccer for your Stag Activity! You will be tackling each other to the ground just for the laugh!
Carlow Adventure & Games Activities
  • River Adventures: For something outdoors, River Adventures is a great activity to try for your Stag!
  • The Cube: Fantastic activity for your Stag, full of craic and laughter. The Cube! Have YOU got what it takes?
  • Segway Polo: What about Segway Polo for your Stag? No horses, just two teams trying to score against each other while riding around on Segways. Warm up with a game of Segway Frisbee and Segway Nerf gun battle beforehand.
Carlow Music & Entertainment Activities
  • Sports on the Big Screen: Watch matches in a top pub in Carlow on a big screen TV!
  • Comedy Night: So you don’t fancy getting wet or getting shot at? What about a comedy evening instead ? Great craic, plenty of laughs.

Carlow Stag Party Pubs and Clubs:

In addition to all of that there is food in one of Carlow’s top bars. Because let’s be honest you’ll need the soakage before the night ahead, lads!

Afterwards, a round of shots and a reserved area for your group is waiting for you! And when you are ready for the club you’ll have another reserved area, entry and more shots!


For full information on any of Carlow’s packages above contact us

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