Enniscorthy Stag Party Packages

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If you’re on the lookout for a destination that has everything a Stag Party needs, then look no further than Enniscorthy!

Enniscorthy has it all and we’ve got the perfect package waiting for you! Our tailor-made packages are designed to ensure that each and every group gets exactly what they want for their Stag Party. From accommodation to activities and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve a little deeper into what Enniscorthy has to offer.

Located in the north of County Wexford, Enniscorthy is a vibrant town with a bustling nightlife that is sure to make your Stag Party unforgettable. Enniscorthy is a lively town that offers a warm welcome to Stag Parties. The local pubs and clubs are all Stag Party friendly, so you’ll find an incredible atmosphere that will keep the craic going all night long. Your group will fit right in, so you can relax and enjoy everything that this fantastic town has to offer.

Our range of Stag Party activities is second to none, with options including Bubble Soccer, Paintballing, Archery Tag, Footdarts, and even Karting. We like to spoil you for choice so that you can create a bespoke package that suits your group’s needs. 

What Our Enniscorthy Stag Party Packages Include:

We’ve put together a fantastic collection of Stag Party Activities and have made sure that some of the best pubs & clubs will be welcoming your Stag with open arms. So let’s get straight into the package, lads.

Enniscorthy Stag Party Accommodation:

We’ll set up a brilliant Stag Party accommodation for you and the lads because you’ll need a place to lay your heads after a wild night on the town.

Enniscorthy Stag Party Activities:

Enniscorthy Action & Sport Activities
  • Paintball: See how good your aim is and spend an afternoon shooting paintballs at your mates.
  • Bubble Soccer: The latest craze sweeping across Europe, try this for your Stag Party!
  • Footdarts: This is a combined sport of football and darts. The aim of the game is to hit the giant sticky board and it includes multiple competition rounds and of course an aim for the bulls eye competition. Joker balls are added to each round for an extra challenge.
Enniscorthy Adventure & Games Activities
  • Archery Tag: This is another brilliant activity that allows you fire foam tipped arrows at your best mates.
Enniscorthy Music & Entertainment Activities
  • Sports on the Big Screen: So you want to keep up to date with the results? Why not watch some of your favourite sports on the big screens.

Enniscorthy Stag Party Pubs and Clubs:

Next is the food! Because we know you’ll need some soakage for later lads, we’ll also have some food lined up in a local pub. And sure, because we look after our Stags, you’ll have a round of shots too!

 And then, when you feel it’s the right time to hit the club we’ll have entry organised plus another round of shots to loosen out those dancing feet.


So, what are you waiting for lads? Get in touch and let us help you plan the ultimate Enniscorthy  Stag Party that will be talked about for years to come!

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