Galway Stag Party

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Galway remains one of the most popular hen and stag destinations in Ireland, with good reason. And you are always sure to meet a hen…

Stay in town centre accommodation for your stag. So handy! Because no one likes a long walk back after the club.

Firstly, choose from plenty of activity options we have lined up in Galway:

  • Karting: Can be organised for your group at one of Europes largest Karting tracks!
  • 5-a-side soccer: If you rather play than watch for the afternoon!
  • Poitin Tasting: Learn about the history of Poitin, the story of Micil and of course enjoy a tasting lads!
  • Footgolf: Test your footballing skills with a round of footgolf. A brilliant option for footie mad stag!
  • Afternoon of Sports: Enjoy the big matches in the comfort of the pub. So no excuse for missing the big game.
  • Paintball: For any adrenaline junkies out there, this is the perfect activity for your group!
  • Tag Archery: This is a combination of Dodgeball, Paintball and Archery its Mad Fun!
  • Goggle Football: Its time to put on some vision impairing goggles and try to Score! Because the beer googles you already have isn’t hard enough.
  • Bubble Soccer: One of the funniest activities to try for your Stag, think playing soccer in a zorb ball!
  • Bubble Goggle Combo: Cant decide which? No Problem with this option you can split your time between both!
  • A Night at the Dogs: enjoy an evening of betting and fun with this activity!
  • Skill Zone: Spend 2 hours trying out loads of different sports. You get scored out of a 100 point for all the sports. The person with the highest amount of points wins. So do you think you have the sporting skills to win?
  • Party Boat: Why not have a fantastic trip around Galway bay on your Stag!
  • Hurling/ Gaelic: Experience the thrill of both games with the Lads for the afternoon.
  • Kayaking: A great activity to do for the Stag Party! Take a spin down the river in a Kayak!
  • Shooting: try something new for your Stag Party activity!
  • Disc Golf: this is definitely something new to try! Aka Frisbee Golf! Have great craic
    throwing the frisbee around the glf course!
  • Archery: this is fantastic activity for your Stag! Think Robin Hood but much cooler
    without the tights!
  • Chocolate, Gin & Whiskey Tasting: Indulge your taste buds, learn about fine Irish made gins, whiskeys and chocolate and how to pair them. A fantastic way to kick of the stag night.
  • Brewery Tour: enjoy seeing beers being made with this activity! Also there will be a few tasters at the end.
  • Zorbing: Just think big giant ball and you strapped in rolling down a hill. So much craic lads!
  • Water Zorbing: Similar to Zorbing but with an added bonus of some water thrown in!
  • Mountain Biking: A fun filled activity where you can test your limits and speed.
  • Segway Polo: No horses, two teams trying to score against each other. Warm up with a game of Segway Frisbee and Segway Nerf gun battle beforehand.

So when it’s time for grub we have food organised in a top Galway bar.

Have a round of shots and a reserved area in a top Galway bar. Because we know it’s now time to turn the night up a notch.

Later in the night we have entry and shots organised for your group in a top Galway nightclub.


Finally, contact us today for more information!

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