Kilkenny Stag Party Packages

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Looking for the perfect spot to host your stag party in Ireland? Look no further than Kilkenny! 

With its rich medieval history and bustling modern nightlife, this town is the ultimate destination for a memorable and exciting stag party. Kilkenny has become one of the most popular spots for stag parties in Ireland, and for good reason.

Kilkenny is easy to get to from all over the country, making it a popular choice for groups travelling from far and wide. The town is incredibly welcoming to stag parties, and there are plenty of businesses that cater specifically to this type of event.

When it comes to nighttime entertainment, Kilkenny has an abundance of options. Whether you’re looking for traditional pubs, lively nightclubs, or trendy cocktail bars, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this vibrant town. And with plenty of great restaurants and cafes, you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere to refuel after a long night of partying.

During the day, there are plenty of activities to keep your stag party entertained. From adrenaline-fueled sports like paintballing and karting, to more laid-back pursuits like pitch and putt, there’s something for everyone in Kilkenny. 

What Our Kilkenny Stag Party Packages Include:

From amazing accommodation options to a bustling nightlife, great places to eat and drink as well as having an abundance of activities. So here’s our Kilkenny Stag Party Package!

Kilkenny Stag Party Accommodation:

Firstly, we have town centre accommodation lined up for your Stag which means everything is in walking distance. Ideal!

Kilkenny Stag Party Activities:

Kilkenny Action & Sport Activities
  • Paintball: So, for an adrenaline pumping and fun activity for your Stag. It’s gotta be Paintball. What’s better than running and gunning with your mates?
  • Karting: This is a fast paced and enjoy a podium presentation for the winner! The winner of the race will have the Ultimate Bragging Rights!
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting: What man doesn’t want to point a gun and shoot? Well now you can and it’s a lot of fun!
  • Archery & Target Shooting: Enjoy an archery session followed by target practise with big guns. So knock off two birds with one stone with this activity.
  • Bubble Soccer: This is a fun way to play soccer! Get into your bubbles and try to stay on your feet. But it’s a great laugh with the lads!
  • Laser Combat: Have a blast with some Laser Combat with the lads! You’ll have no bruises for the big day with this activity!
  • Pitch & Putt: Great stag activity option for getting outdoors without using too much energy. Let’s see which one of you has the best aim.
  • Tree Top Walk: Fancy yourself a bit of an adrenaline lover? This is the perfect activity for you!
  • Fishing: A nice and chilled afternoon activity for the lads that love to fish.
  • Airsoft Shooting Range: Something different for your stag party! If you’ve ever wanted to try a Shooting Range then this is as close as possible to the real thing.
  • Hurling: Learn more about this fantastic game while playing! So keep those legs nice and quick, lads!
  • Segway Polo: No horses, just two teams trying to score against each other. The only difference? You’ll be on Segways. Warm up with a game of Segway Frisbee and Segway Nerf gun battle beforehand.
  • Footgolf: A brilliant mix of football and golf! Let’s see which of you can get the ball in the hole the quickest.
Kilkenny Adventure & Games Activities
  • River Adventures: So you’re looking for something outdoorsy? Then this is the activity for you. Be ready to get wet!
  • The Cube: A new and fun game which requires skill and precision. Just like the TV show. Have YOU got what it takes?
Kilkenny Food & Drink Activities
  • Whiskey Tasting Session: This is a different and fun activity to try for your Stag! If you like Whiskey then this one is for you.
  • Brewery Tour: Visit the brewing house to learn how it’s made and the tasting room to sample! So you’ll taste your favourite drinks straight from the source.
Kilkenny Music & Entertainment Activities
  • Afternoon of Sports: So maybe you want a relaxing afternoon of sports so you can enjoy the game on big screens! Score!

Kilkenny Stag Party Pubs and Clubs:

The food we’ll have arranged is in one of Kilkenny’s top bars with a reserved area. Follow that up with a round of shots after dinner for your group. Great craic, music, Hens and atmosphere in this hopping pub!

So, when you’re ready to hit the dance floor and throw a few shapes, we’ve got passes for entry into Kilkenny’s top nightclub. And when we say top nightclub, we mean top nightclub! Finish the night in style with great music, tasty drinks and great company.


So, what are you waiting for lads? Get in touch and let us help you plan the ultimate Kilkenny  Stag Party that will be talked about for years to come!

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