Killarney Stag Party Packages

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Looking for the ultimate Stag Party destination? Look no further than Killarney, one of Ireland’s top destinations for a memorable weekend with the lads. 

Killarney has long been known for its warm welcome to stag parties, and with good reason. From great pubs and restaurants that are mostly stag-friendly, to an abundance of activities and a buzzing nightlife, Killarney has it all.

One of the great things about Killarney is its accessibility – it’s easy to get to, and once you arrive at your accommodation, you’re only a short stroll away from the town’s many attractions. During the day, there’s plenty to keep the group entertained, with activities such as surfing, lake tours, paintball, and even beer and curry classes. 

As a popular tourist destination, Killarney caters to a diverse range of tastes, so no matter what kind of stag party you’re planning, you’re sure to find something that suits. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend away or a non-stop party, Killarney has got you covered. Whatever your preference, Killarney has something to suit everyone.

What Our Killarney  Stag Party Packages Include:

We have an excellent value package lined up for you, so you can experience all that Killarney  has to offer. We’ve teamed up with some of the best businesses in and around Killarney  to provide you with everything you need, from accommodation to activities. Plus, we’ve even got reserved areas for you and the lads! Here’s what’s included…

Killarney  Stag Party Accommodation:

Firstly, the accommodation option is right in the town centre. Very handy with everything all within a short walking distance! Perfect! So no long walk for a pint or back to the bed at the end of the night.

Killarney Stag Party Activities:

Killarney Action & Sport Activities
  • Paintball: For any adrenaline junkies, this is the perfect activity for your group. Run and gun around the course and take out your mates in a fun and exciting round of Paintball.
  • Surfing: For all those that love being outdoors! Take in some of the amazing waves off the coast of Kerry and you’ll be loving life.
  • Bubble Soccer: So you fancy a game of soccer with the lads? But there’s a twist…you’ll all be inside giant bubbles with only your legs sticking out. Try to stay on your feet.
  • Laser Combat: Similar to Paintball but with Lasers! So you’ll avoid all the bruises with this activity but you’ll have the same amount of fun, if not more!
  • Target Archery: Suitable for all levels, this is great craic with all the lads! Again, similar to Paintballing, but this time with Bows and Arrows.
  • Laser Clay Shooting: Instead of your traditional guns, why not try hitting the clays with lasers? This is a great way to perfect your aim!
  • Bike Ride: Get out on the bike in Killarney National Park. You’ll be able to see waterfalls and maybe even have a dip in the lake.
  • Rock Climbing/Abseiling: Fancy a bit of a climbing exercise in the Gap of Dunloe? Everyone loves a good adrenaline buzz, right lads?
  • Footgolf: Fancy playing Footgolf and testing your accuracy? Footgolf is a mixture of Football and Golf. So you have the skills to score a hole in one?
Killarney Adventure & Games Activities
  • Escape Rooms: Fast becoming one of Ireland’s top Stag Party Activities for lads. It involves using a variety of different skills to escape a locked room. It’s a bit like Crystal Maze but in one room.
Killarney Food & Drink Activities
  • Brewery Tour: So you love a good beer? Then enjoy a guided tour of the local brewery and a few pints at the end too. A great way to kick off any Stag Party!
  • Beer & Curry Class: How do you fancy being Jamie Oliver for the day? You’ll be making a curry and there’ll be plenty of beer to go around. Winning!
Killarney Music & Entertainment Activities
  • Afternoon of Sport: So you want to catch the Big Games? We have arranged for sports on big screens in a top pub in Killarney and there’s drink promos on as well.
Killarney Sightseeing Activities
  • Tour the lakes of Killarney: This is a relaxing activity that your group can do the day after a mad night out. Killarney has some incredible spots and you’ll get to see them up close.
  • Kayaking: Take a kayak out on the the Lakes of Killarney near Ross Castle. It’ll be a great day out and especially relaxing after a mad night on the town.
  • Coasteering: A full day out from Killarney to Kerry’s Atlantic coast. You’ll explore caves, swim through archways and jump off ledges. Great craic!

Killarney  Stag Party Pubs and Clubs:

Once you have your activity/activities chosen then we’re onto the next part of the Stag Party. We’ve got food included in a top Killarney bar. You can’t be expected to party on an empty stomach lads. So fill up on the soakage and you’ll be off to a great start!

The food will be followed by a round of shots in a hopping town centre bar with plenty of Hens. A perfect time to get the party really started!

Finally, we’ve got entry to Killarney’s top club with a reserved area and a round of shots for all the lads. Finish the night in style!


So check out our Killarney  Stag Party package starting at €69pp!

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