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Cork Stag Party

Cork has always been a great location for a Stag Party. The city will throw it all at your Stag and you'll be having a fantastic time from start to finish! So here's what we've got lined up in our Cork Stag Party Package.   Cork people have recently been voted as some of the friendliest people in the world. That means that your Stag Party will feel super welcome on a Cork Stag Party and you might even get some of the locals joining in on the fun. So get ready for a wild night lads! Because Cork has it all and more! So here's our Cork Stag Party Package.   Firstly, accommodation. You'll be staying in a city centre hotel for your Stag Party with breakfast, residents' bar and leisure centre all to hand. Nice!   Next, choose from one of our many Stag Party Activities in Cork such as: Quad Biking: So you want something outdoors, fast and very fun? Well this is it! Karting: Karting in a top Cork karting centre with podium presentation at the end! So much craic will be had lads! Sports on the Box: Enjoy the big matches in the comfort of the pub. So don't miss any of the sporting action. Stag Vs Food: Think the Stag has an appetite big enough to take on The Godfather of all fry ups? See if he's man enough in this hilarious Stag Party Activity. Paintball: For an adrenaline rush, this is the activity for you. Great fun from start to finish! Zorbing: Throw yourself down a hill in a plastic ball for your Stag. Zorbing in Cork for your Stag! Because the Stag Night isn't crazy enough. Surfing: Perfect if you love water sports in one of Cork's top surf schools! Brewery Tour: Enjoy a tour of an active brewery in the heart of Cork City. The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and you'll get to taste 4 of their fantastic beers! RIB Trip: A fast and furious trip around Cork Harbour on a Rib Boat. Pub stops included! Lasertrooper: Have a blast with this all weather combat session for your Stag Party. Fireman Experience: Learn to be a fireman for a day! Lasertrooper & Karting: If you can't decide which to choose why not do both? Snooker: Enjoy a few hours playing before the night ahead. Night at the Dogs: Enjoy an evening of fun and betting for your Stag. Because who knows you could win big and pay for a huge round at the bar and the night ahead. Team Building Afternoon: Have a fun filled evening of activities for your Stag group! Bubble Soccer: This is great craic! Think zorbing but smaller and more fun while playing soccer! Whiskey Tour: So enjoy a journey through the distillery with a glass of whiskey at the end of the tour! Comedy Club: Have a laugh with the lads for the evening with this activity! Hurling/Gaelic: Learn some new tips for your game with these 2 activities! Footgolf: The latest craze for Stag Parties. Think golf and football together. So much fun and because it gives you another excuse to show off those football skills. Cork Whiskey Walk: Take in a walking and whiskey tour of Cork City sampling whiskeys like Midleton and Jameson. Segway Polo: No horses, just two teams trying to score against each other while riding around on Segways. Warm up with a game of Segway Frisbee and Segway Nerf gun battle beforehand. Adventure Centre: Why not stop off at Ballyhass Lakes Adventure Centre, near Mallow, on the way to your Stag? Give archery, kayaking, abseiling, raftbuilding, Gladiator games and more a go. Cable Wakeboarding: Try Cable Wakeboarding at Ballyhass Lakes, near Mallow, on route to your Stag do. Unreal! Spike Island Adventure: Head out to Spike Island on the ferry and experience the great outdoors. Build a shelter, light a fire, take part in an adult game of hide and seek and do an assault course! You can also upgrade your adventure by getting lunch and a speedboat to the Island from Cork city. Escape Rooms: You have 1 and a half hours to escape a variety of rooms using your wit and brain power. Bowling and Pizza: Go bowling for the afternoon and enjoy a large pizza! Pool and Bowl: So enjoy an hour of each accompanied by a welcome drink and hot finger food.   Next up we've got food for your Cork Stag in one of Cork's best known bars with plenty of drink promos to keep you happy. So you'll have all the soakage and energy you'll need for a big night ahead.   So after some grub, visit Cork's top live music venue for a round of shots and some good craic. Two floors, lots of musics, lots of Hens. What more do you need?   Because we look after our Stag Parties, finish the night off in Cork's top Nightclub with entry, reserved area and a round of shots for everyone in the group, and they are very Stag friendly.   So lads, why not book your full Stag Party with us? This is our Cork Stag Party Package and the price starts from just €69pp!   Finally, contact us today for more information!   So for more on what to expect from the city of Cork or for more information on the above activities, check out our website and follow us on Facebook.

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Dungarvan Stag Party

Dungarvan has really burst on to the Stag Party scene with a huge impact! Take part in a range of Stag Party Activities and enjoy the brilliant sights, sounds and of course the pubs this wonderful town has to offer. Here's our Dungarvan Stag Party Package.   Dungarvan is a relatively small town located in County Waterford. It's a seaside town so get ready for some great views of the Waterford coastline and beyond. It's an amazing sight! you might even fancy a stroll or a cycle along the famous Greenway. Something to think about lads! But, in Dungarvan's compact size comes everything a Stag Party needs to have a fantastic time! From a great selection of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs to a  variety of Stag Party Activities, Dungarvan offers some fantastic choices. But here's what we've got planned for you in our Dungarvan Stag Party Package.   First up is the accommodation. We've got your accommodation ready and it will be located in the centre of the town. So, no long walk after the club back to bed. Definitely an ideal choice!   Next we've got the activities. Dungarvan has a lot to offer any type of Stag Party and you can choose from the list below: Footie on the Big Screen: Spend the afternoon watching sports matches in a top Dungarvan pub, within walking distance of your accommodation. Because we know you don't want to miss a minute of the action. Bubble Soccer: Bubble Soccer is a fantastic craze sweeping across Europe and now we have it for our Dungarvan Stags! This fast moving sport basically entails playing football while protected by big inflatable bubbles. So basically you're playing soccer in a zorb ball on Astroturf. It's a great laugh and you'll all enjoy it from start to finish. (Min of 10 people required) 5-A-Side Soccer: So how do you fancy having an afternoon of 5 –a-side in Dungarvan’s sports complex for your Stag and settle some old scores on the pitch? Good craic option for lads on a Stag! Brewery Tour: This truly is an experience for the Craft Beer lover with every type of beer you can imagine from The Dungarvan Brewing Company including Blonde Ale, Red Ale, American Pale Ale, Bitter and Stout just to name a few! Receive a tour of the facilities, a talk through the ingredients and the brewing process and of course you get to taste their amazing beers! So what's not to like? Whiskey Tasting: Try some fine whiskies! Learn about the differences between Irish Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon. Yes this is an activity for the civilised Stag! Craft Beer Tasting: Dungarvan is home to a wide variety of craft beers, again an ideal activity for the Craft Beer lovers to try some local and well known craft beers! Surfing: So, for the water lovers and more active Stags, why not try your hand at surfing! It will be sure to wipe away the cobwebs from the night before! Because there is no hiding the fact a few of the lads will be hungover. Cycle Tour: Wipe away the cobwebs from the night before! Take to the Waterford Greenway on a cycle tour taking in coastal views on your route. Includes bike hire, helmets and everything that you will need. Starting point is in the heart of Dungarvan Town! Rally Experience: This is for the pure adrenaline junkie! This rally experience really is all action! You will get a full briefing from a professional rally driver to provide you with basic knowledge for when you get behind the wheel. The Professional Rally driver will take you around the track as a passenger and you will act as a co-driver. The instructor will be teaching you various rally driving techniques such as handbreak turns! Then it’s your turn to drive! You drive 12 laps on Stage 1, 3 laps on Stage 2 and the last lap being a timed lap. You will be presented with a written driving analysis by the instructor and trophies for the quickest drivers! Amazing or what?! (Minimum 11 people)   So when the fun of the activity is over it's time to get some grub! We'll also have some finger food lined up in a pub in the heart of the town centre. Gotta fill those bellies before the night ahead, lads!   That's where the next step comes in. So if that wasn't enough we'll have a round of shots organised in the pub for you. Followed by entry and another round of shots in a club later that night, it's the perfect way to end the night with some of your finest dance moves.   So lads, this is our Dungarvan Stag Party Package and from just €69pp, why not book your full Stag Party with us?   Finally, contact us today for more information on a Dungarvan Stag Party!   So if you're looking for more information on the town of Dungarvan or on any of the above activities, check out our website and follow us on Facebook.

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Dunmore East Stag Party

A Dunmore East Stag Party is one that's not to be missed. An incredible experience is guaranteed from start to finish in this amazing location. This is our Dunmore East Stag Party Package!   The Dunmore East Stag Party Package is finally here! The location has everything a Stag Party needs to have a fantastic time. That's where we come in! We've put together a fantastic collection of Stag Party Activities and have made sure that some of the best pubs & clubs will be welcoming your Stag with open arms. So let's get straight into the package, lads.   Firstly, the accommodation will be located in the centre of Dunmore East. That means no long walk back to bed after the Stag night which is definitely ideal!   Next up we've got the activities. So, take a look at what Dunmore East has to offer: Footie on the Big Screen: Don't miss out on any of the sports action and watch it all on the big screen in a pub with good pints and finger food. Stag Vs Food: So you think you're man enough to take on a Mega Burger or Hot Wing Challenge? It's brilliant craic watching the Stag struggle. There will also be plenty of embarrassing photo opportunities and don't worry the rest of the group will get a feed too. Bubble Soccer: A firm favourite with our Stag Parties. Bubble Soccer is great craic as you try to knock your mate into orbit. In all the madness, you'll actually forget about trying to score a goal. Brewery Tour: Find out how a good craft beer is made. You'll also enjoy a Beer Tasting at the end of the tour. Whiskey Tasting: So you love a good whiskey? Then sample some new blends and find out how it's made on a Whiskey Tasting! Wibit Wipeout: Spend an hour jumping around like a mad thing on an inflatable obstacle course on the water. I'm A Stag Get Me Out Of Here: Spend an afternoon searching for the stars in a cave. Then tackle the egg drop challenge and finish with some archery. Wibit Wipeout Combo: Enjoy the obstacle course on the water while also trying your hand at Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, caving, climbing or archery. Roll your Own Pizza Challenge: So you fancy yourself as a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen? Then this is right up your street. Step into the kitchen and create your own masterpiece and show off your culinary skills. You also get to eat your creation after. Bit of soakage for the Stag night. Land Based Activities: Have a go at caving, climbing and see if you have the nerve to try the 13-metre freefall! Don't worry you have a cable attached to you. Dunmore Angling: So you love fishing? Then why not spend an afternoon trying to catch your dinner. A brilliant Stag activity and you'll learn a few tips and tricks to improve your angling. Surfing in Tramore: Only a short drive from Dunmore East will see you surfing some adrenaline pumping waves. This is one of Ireland's top surf spots and it's a great way to clear the head. Kayaking: Get out on the water on your Stag and take in the Irish coastline from the best vantage point. We're sure the instructors won't mind if you fancy a dip in the water.   Next is the food! Because we know you'll need some soakage for later lads, we'll also have some food lined up in a local pub. And sure, because we look after our Stags, you'll have a round of shots too!   And then, when you feel it's the right time to hit the club we'll have entry organised plus another round of shots to loosen out those dancing feet.   So why not book your full Dunmore East Stag Party with us with prices starting at only €69pp?   Finally, contact us today for more information on a Dunmore East Stag Party!   So for more information on Dunmore East or on the above activities, check out our website and follow us on Facebook.

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