Waterford Stag Party

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Only 1.5 hours from Dublin and from Cork, Waterford is the ideal location for your Stag Party in the South. It literally has everything you need for your Stag. This is our Waterford Stag Party Package!


Waterford is an amazing city located pretty much halfway between Cork and Dublin. It’s the perfect location for a Stag Party if you’re within the Cork to Dublin radius. You’ll find everything you need for your Stag Party in Waterford. From fancy accommodation to plenty of activities, a wild nightlife and amazing locations for food and drinks. Oh and keep an eye out for all of the fantastic artsy murals found around the city. They showcase some of the talent found in Waterford. So let’s get straight into the Waterford Stag Party package, shall we?


Firstly, we have city centre accommodation organised for your Waterford Stag. You’ll only have a short walk back to bed after the wild night of partying, lads!


There are also plenty of activity options to choose from. Have a peek at our list below:

  • Afternoon of Sports: Don’t wanna miss out on the Big Game? Why not watch on the big screens in a top bar in Waterford City?
  • 5-a-side Soccer: This is the perfect activity if you prefer to play rather than watch it on a TV!
  • Paintball: So how’s your aim? You’ll find out with paintballing. A fast and adrenaline pumping Stag Activity!
  • Karting: So, fancy yourself as a bit of a racer? Fuel your need for speed with an adrenaline pumping day on the race track!
  • Brewery Tour: Enjoy the process in which a top craft beer is made and enjoy a beer tasting at the end too.
  • Beer Tour: Enjoy a 3 hour walking beer tour of the city lads! It’s a great way to warm up for the night ahead!
  • Surfing: For those who prefer water sports, we can organise Surfing for your group. You’ll absolutely love catching the waves off the coast of Waterford.
  • Kayaking: Another option of water sports! It is the Sunny South East, after all! Take a trip out around the harbours of Waterford.
  • Night at the Dogs: A fantastic evening of dog racing and betting with the lads. It’s great craic!
  • Waterford Greenway Bike Hire: Clear the cobwebs from the night before with a cycle on one of Ireland’s most stunning greenway’s. It doesn’t disappoint, lads!
  • Bubble Soccer: So…think zorbing while playing soccer. Yep, you’ll be playing soccer while you wear a giant bubble. Great craic from start to finish!
  • Segway Polo: No horses, two teams trying to score against each other. Warm up with a game of Segway Frisbee and Segway Nerf gun battle beforehand.


So when the activity is over we’ve got food organised in a well known bar in Waterford! You can’t party on an empty stomach, lads!


Food will be followed by a round of shots and then some live music! We have also included entry into a top nightclub in Waterford so you can finish the night by throwing a few shapes on the dancefloor.


So why not book your full Stag Party with us with prices starting at only €69pp?


Finally, contact us today for more information!

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So lads, if you’re looking for more information on anything we’ve talked about above you’ll find it on check our website and on our Facebook.

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