Beer And The Stag Party

Beer And The Stag Party

Beer And The Stag Party

Let’s be honest lads. You can’t have one without the other really. They really are the perfect couple. The Stag Party provides the perfect situation to enjoy a couple of beers with mates. And well the beer adds to the messing, laughing and will provide plenty of hilarious moments over the course of the weekend. So here’s why Beer and The Stag Party work so well.


It Tastes So Good!

Firstly, we could all probably argue for weeks about which is the best beer. But the fact of the matter is that Beer tastes so good. There’s so much variety you’re sure to find one you love. And seeing as you’re enjoying yourself on a stag party weekend, you should be enjoying a tasty beer to get in the mood for a great weekend.


You Feel Good After Having A Beer!

I was once told that drinking beer is like pouring smiles onto your brain. He wasn’t wrong! We all want to feel good on a stag weekend and that’s why we drink beer. Now if I can only get her to serve me my beer too.


Quenches A Thirst!

I know I’ll have someone say it dehydrates you but after a day of Paintball, Karting or any one of our great stag party activities. There really isn’t anything better than a pint. You’ve worked up a thirst and now it’s time to enjoy a delicious pint with your mates. Maybe two or 3…


It’s A Social Thing!

The pub brings people together as does the Stag Party. Chances are you’ll be enjoying a few drinks on the stag and bump into some complete randomers that will add to messing and partying on the stag. Cheers to that!


It Makes You Dance!

I can honestly say I’m the proud owner of 2 left feet when it comes to dancing. But after a couple of beers and I transform into some one from Saturday night fever or on a good night Terry Crews. Most lads are the same and usually won’t be caught dead on a dance floor on a Stag night without a few beers.


It Provides Us With Drunken Stories And Antics!

There is no denying it lads. Some of your best stories of nights out have all been the result of one to many beers. Over the course of the weekend you’ll have plenty of opportunity to create some hilarious moments that will live long in the memory of a great stag party.


So there you have it lads. Just some of the reasons why stag parties love beer and why they go so well together!



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