Post-Lockdown Stag Party Locations

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2020 has been a strange year for all of us. The world has been on lockdown for what feels like years due to Covid-19. But things are finally starting to look up and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. That means that Stag Parties will be allowed to happen again soon enough. So we put our thinking hats on and we’ve come up with some great ways to support local economies once we’re allowed to do so. Staying within Ireland for your Stag Party is how we’ll all make it out of this together. So that’s why we’ve come up with a list of fantastic locations for your Stag Party. Here are our Post-Lockdown Stag Party Locations!



First on our list of Post-Lockdown Stag Party Locations is Killarney. For a fantastic location with a traditional Irish feel, Killarney is the place to be. Located in County Kerry, this amazing town has been catering to Stag Parties for years. It’s also loved by all!



County Cork is home to some amazing locations and Kinsale is one of our favourites. The town has it all and will show your group a great time! Keep an eye out for the multicoloured buildings too, can you find them all? They make a great backdrop for a group photo. Just sayin’…


Carrick On Shannon

The Stag Party Capital is located in County Leitrim and there’s a reason it got that name! Carrick on Shannon is an incredible location for a Stag Party and is a favourite among our groups. It’s always busy with Stags and Hens, so you might even bump into another group. All while staying socially distant, of course!



So, one of our favourite spots for a Stag Party is Galway. The city has everything that comes with the city status. That’s great news for your group! But over the years, Galway has also managed to keep its traditional Irish heritage and it shows it off with pride. So you won’t find a better mix of modern and traditional Ireland anywhere else!



Located in County Waterford, Dungarvan is a fantastic seaside town that boasts a great selection for your Stag Party. With plenty of pubs, restaurants and activities, you’ll have it all on a Dungarvan Stag! Just remember to take some photos of the amazing vista while you’re there!



We can’t forget about Kilkenny! Kilkenny is also an amazing location, lads. It’s a medieval Irish town that is very proud of its heritage. It’s also been a very popular Stag Party location for years and years. The locals love the atmosphere that a Stag Party brings to the town and they may even join in on the fun you have.


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