Stag Party Activity Ideas

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If you’re looking for a great activity to include in your Stag Party celebrations then look no further. are here to help and we’re proud to be able to share our tips and ideas with you. If it helps to ensure you get the best Stag Party possible then that’s a win-win for everyone, right? So today we’re going to give you some ideas to consider when choosing your Stag Party activity. So let’s get straight to it, shall we? Here are our Stag Party Activity Ideas.



Lads, Paintballing is an incredible activity! You’ll be split into two teams and you will take part in a number of fun games. Not only does it bring a lot of fun but it also brings a lot of fast-paced antics. Run around the area running and gunning your mates, or plan your approach and use your smarts to take them out. The choice is yours. But it’s about as close as you can get to a real life version of Call of Duty. We’ve all played it at some stage lads. So now’s your chance to reenact those gaming moments and see who really has the best aim, quickest reactions and best strategy.


Quad Biking

If you’re looking for an activity that’s great fun then Quad Biking is the one for you. You’ll get wet and mucky as you ride through rivers and through muddy areas. For the best experience, get your aunt or grandmother to light a candle and pray for rain lads. The muckier the terrain, the better the activity will be! It’s not so much a race around on the Quads, but the guy that’s last will literally eat dust so it’s always a fun battle to try to stay near the front of the pack. It’ll help you to avoid being the dirtiest lad in the pack. But either way, we highly recommend a spare change of clothes for this one!


Booze Cruise

Are you heading to a location that’s located near a river or by the coast? Then this activity is perfect for you! Get the party started early as you set sail on a Booze Cruise. Have a few drinks as you listen to quality music, socialise with the lads and then head back to dry land to really get the party started. A Booze Cruise is the perfect option for the lads that just want to head away for a session with their mates. It also doesn’t get much classier than doing it on a boat, does it? Just remember to pace yourselves, lads. There’s a long night ahead yet and nobody wants to babysit on a Stag Party.


So lads, these are some of our best Stag Party Activity Ideas. Let us know if one of them sounds ideal for your Stag Party. All you have to do is pop us an email on and we’ll be glad to help you get your activity booked!



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