Planning the Perfect Stag Party

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Have you got a Stag Party coming up and need to plan it? We know how much of a headache planning a Stag Party can be. From making sure everything goes right to trying to take everyone’s budget into consideration. It can be a bit of a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be and that’s where we can help! At we’ve got over a decade of experience with Stags and we know how seriously lads take planning the perfect Stag Party. They see it as their time to shine and of course they want to get it right. So that’s why we’ve come up with this guide on Planning the Perfect Stag. Let’s get straight into it!


Choosing the Location

The location is probably the most important part of planning the Stag. Ideally you’ll want to choose a location that’s not too far away. Not everyone will want to travel for half a day to get to the location, especially with a hangover for the return journey. So take that into consideration. There are so many locations all over Ireland so you’ll definitely find somewhere relatively nearby.


The Cost

Another very important part of the Stag planning is the cost. Remember that not everyone can afford flashy weekends away due to financial responsibilities at home. Try to find a nice balance so that everyone can make it to the Stag Party. If the Groom wants them there then try to make sure they can all make it. Shopping around with hotels, transport options and activities will be a big help to the cost.



Finding a way to travel to the location is also very important. All of you travelling and arriving together will ensure that no man gets left behind. Once you’re all there then the party can get started. We recommend looking into hiring a private bus and share the cost among you, or look into public transport. Public transport wouldn’t be as comfortable but it might be the cheaper option.


Group Size

Now let’s get to the numbers side of things. The size of your group can have a drastic effect on everything from your mode of transport, the cost, your accommodation, and even the activities you do. So we highly recommend trying to get an accurate number of lads going on the Stag. We see it all the time, lads say they’ll go but then drop out last minute. A deposit can ensure that they’re serious about going and will give you a better idea on the final number.



The accommodation is vital for the lads to catch some Z’s after the long day and night of partying. Whether it’s a flashy hotel, or a budget friendly apartment, you’ll have plenty of choice for booking accommodation.


Games (Optional)

Games are optional, but we do recommend having a few ready just in case things get a little quiet half way through the night. From talking in a foreign accent to trying to chat up a group of girls by pretending to be super boring. It can add another level of fun to the Stag. Here are some Game Ideas we think you should try!



Finally we have the activity. There are so many activities to choose from. The types of activities available depend on your location so check those out before you book the location. Having an activity is a great idea lads!


So lads, this has been our guide to Planning the Perfect Stag. Follow this guide and you’ll get as close as possible to the perfect stag for your group. If you need more information or maybe even a helping hand, pop us an email on and we’ll be glad to help.



You can also check out our website and follow us on Facebook for more Stag Party ideas and tips. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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