St Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day

St Patrick’s Day

If you were smart enough to plan your stag party for St Patrick’s Day and the weekend that follows, well sir I tip my hat for you. What better way to ensure an absolutely crazy stag party? Booking it for St Patrick’s Day is a fantastic idea! It’s the day where the majority of the Irish people will be out galavanting. They’ll be up to hi-jinks as they knock back the beers and celebrate the country’s patron saint.

Let’s look at the simple facts that are going to make your St Patrick’s Day stag party a success. As previously mentioned everyone that will be out and about will be in the mood for a party. Actually most pubs and even clubs will be opening early to accommodate all the punters. With live music or a DJ all day to make sure you dance and sweat out some of the drink. Blessing in disguise if you ask me. It will make sure you make the shenanigans that Paddy’s night brings.

With all the food festivals dotted around the country, there will be plenty of soakage. Pick up a stone baked pizza, a burrito or a door step of sandwich to fuel your endeavours with the lads long into the night. Then it’s straight back into the pub and to find someone to link arms with for the next round in the ceilí. There are also a few craft beer festivals happening around the country this St Patrick’s Day. If you come across one make sure to pop in and try some of the best craft beers from Ireland’s micro breweries. We really do make good drink.

It’s also the centenary year of the 1916 Easter rising so you’re in for a treat. Most towns and cities will be making that extra effort to showcase our Irish heritage. Keep an eye out for exhibitions, live music, festivals and entertainment.

Also if that wasn’t enough lads there is a plethora of sport on TV to enjoy from GAA to Football. The big game on Paddy’s day for most will be the meeting of Manchester Utd v Liverpool. When the draw was made the legion of Man Utd and Liverpool fans in Ireland were jumping for joy as 2 of the most supported teams in Ireland go head to head on everyone’s day off. Not to be missed if you’re a football fan! And if not a fan the atmosphere in the bars will fantastic because of it.

St Patrick’s Day is a Thursday this year so expect one hell of a long weekend to follow suit. Prepare to enjoy a stag party like no other. The craic is guaranteed, ceoil agus sproí! You’ll be talking about it for years to come as one of the best stag parties you’ve been on. And don’t forget lads, lob on a bit of green will ya.

So, La Fhéile Pádraig!


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