The Stages You’ll Go Through Planning The Stag Party

The Stages Youll Go Through Planning The Stag Party

The Stages You’ll Go Through Planning The Stag Party

It’s a momentous occasion when your mate pops the question. Not because he’s found the love of his life or anything. It’s the fact you get to have a killer stag party weekend. You’ll go through plenty of emotions while organising the stag party weekend. One thing is for sure is that the logistical stuff like sorting the accommodation, stag party activity and shots in a bar will be sorted by us. You will however experience a few different emotions in the run up to the stag. So, here are The Stages You’ll Go Through Planning The Stag Party!



The Selection Process Stage!

Who do you bring? Who don’t you bring? Who’s liable to go on a made one? Who simply has to go? So many questions!


The Whatsapp Group Stage!

It will start will good intentions of confirming numbers for the stag party weekend. Ideas for locations, activities and things to do to the groom on his stag. It then slowly morphs into like all lads whatsapp groups with questionable pictures and videos been sent on. We’re all in one of those groups lads where you simply DO NOT check it in work in case your boss sees it!


The Choosing A Location Stage!

We just follow your requests in Stagparty HQ and provide as many options as possible. But it’s up to you and your mates to decide on where you want to go on the stag weekend. If you’re the Best Man organising the stag you’ll have so many suggestions flying your way that it will actually make your head spin. Try not to snap though. The lads are just excited.


The Choosing The Activity Stage!

Similar to the last stage you really will be spoilled for choice with the list of stag party activities on offer. One thing you will have to take into account however is how the lads will take part in the stag activity after a few beers!


The Making Sure The Lads Pay Stage!

We have a pay individually system so no need to go around like some debt collector to get the money for the stag. You will however still need to remind the lads to login and pay. You’ll feel kinda like Jerry Maguire!


The Fear They Might Kill The Groom Stage!

You’ve spent months preparing for this weekend. Reading countless texts about what a wild weekend it’s going to be and how the stag is in for it! As the best man you’ll actually start fearing for his safety and what condition he’ll arrive back in to the fiancé.


The Chat With The Fiancé Stage!

The dreaded chat with his other half and she explains he better not come back minus eyebrows or limbs. But what happens on the stag stays on the stag!


The Countdown Stage!

The anticipation and the excitement will be huge and you’ll planning a few sessions as training for the actual stag weekend. All those extra pints will be the reason you last the entire stag weekend! Now, this guy was putting in some serious training!



So, there you have it lads. The Stages You’ll Go Through Planning The Stag Party make the actual weekend that much sweeter and the beers even tastier.

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