Top 7 Things You’ll Need For St. Patrick’s Day

Top 7 Things Youll Need For St. Patricks Day

Top 7 Things You’ll Need For St Patrick’s Day


It’s that time of the year again lads! Our national holiday and past time come together in a glorious weekend to celebrate every great about being Irish. The streets will be a wash of green, parades and life. And, If the fact that St.Patrick’s day is on a Friday wasn’t enough for you. We’re also taking on the old foe on Saturday the 18th which could be a decider for the Six Nations. Add that to the All Ireland Senior Club Championship in Croker there is a brilliant weekend of sport in store lads. If you were clever enough to book your stag for this weekend, you’re in for some partying. There are however a few things you’ll need for a successful Paddy’s Day stag party and the weekend in general. So we’ve put together the Top 7 Things You’ll Need For St Patrick’s Day!


1. Something Green

Firstly, the colour green is synonymous with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. So on the 17th of March lads and for the course of the weekend ensure you are wearing something green. Pick up a green t shirt in pennys or simply break out a classic Ireland rugby or football jersey. And if you’re one of these people who isn’t going to wear head to toe green, sure even a pair of green sock or jocks will do.


2. Guinness, Murphy’s, or any Beer or Stout

A pint of the black stuff is as Irish as it gets and is recognised all over the world. So enjoy one of our biggest exports on the day. If you’re not a fan, no big deal. We’ve plenty of other options on this Island of drinks to quench your thirst and I’m sure you’ll be alright on the day. Because the main thing is to enjoy a drink with friends and a possible sing song too.


3. A New Liver

Depending on how you plan to spend the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, a new liver may come in handy. Finishing work after a 4 day week, heading out for after work drinks leads to an all nighter. You’re into Paddy’s Day enjoying a few beers with friends and before you know it you’re still on it come kick off in the big game between Ireland and England on Saturday. Should the result go our way you’re in for a long Saturday night. At least you have Sunday to recover before going back to work. You’re liver will thank you for it.


4. A Cúpla Focail!

Everyone should have a few words of Gaeilge. It’s something to be proud of being able to speak our native tongue. It also comes in handy of ya fancy messing with a few tourists on the day. Is maith liom cáca milis!


5. Learn Some Irish Dancing

You will at some point over the course of the St. Patrick’s weekend here some trad music or come across a bit of a ceilí. So make sure you brush up on your Irish Dancing. How you do that is totally up to yourself. You might try and copy some Youtube videos of Michael Flatley or remember the few steps you learned back in primary school. Because who can forget “a aon, dó, trí, ceathair, cuig, sé, seacht” one way and then back again!


6. The Parade

Another thing you’ll need for St. Patrick’s day is to make time for the parade. A time honoured tradition that needs to keep going. Even if it’s just a tractor pulling the local u-12’s GAA team on the back of a trailer through the town, a few lads in the parish with classic cars, or the huge spectical in Dublin. It’s a great way to start the day. And sure it will be something to talk about down the pub afterwards.


7. Eating Classic Irish Food

So let’s be honest lads. Regardless if you’re on a stag party weekend or just out for the laugh on Paddy’s day you’re going to need some soakage. So for the day that’s in it I reckon you should only eat classic Irish food. A big hefty fry in the morning. A bit of stew during the day and sure if there’s a bit of bacon and cabbage going that will see you well into the early hours.


So there you have it lads, the Top 7 Things You’ll Need For St. Patrick’s Day! You’re in for one hell of weekend and we hope wherever you’re celebrating Paddy’s Day it’s a good one!



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