15 Drunk Stag Personalities – Which one are you?

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15 Drunk Stag Personalities – Which one are you?

We obviously do not condone excessive drinking at a stag but most stag parties will always involve drinking games of some sort which more often than not results in a few different personalities emerging. Here’s some that we have come across at stag parties! So here are 15 drunk stag personalities – which one are you?


1. Happy 

This lad is having the best night of his life. He is unstoppable and nothing or nobody will get in the way of his good mood! He is always active in every conversation, laughing and telling jokes all night! I’m pretty sure the hangover the following day will wipe the smile off his face pretty soon!

2. Sloppy 

This guy can never handle his drink. His sentences are never fully formed and are more of a slur followed by a face plant to the floor. You’ll have to carry this dude around for the night, almost as if he has been wounded in some sort of battlefield mayhem.

3. Sentimental

The reminiscing chap! He loves to take the opportunity to tell you that he loves you every second he gets. It gets a bit much after the first 10 times… Half the stuff he talks about never even happened!

4. The Banter Panther 

This is the guy that takes any opportunity to wreak havoc on the night. He’s usually quite disheveled looking and often the one that you will hear shouting ”down it! down it! down it!”. He also takes random items from places for ‘the lols’. He always looks for any excuse to stay out a little longer!

5. The One In Denial

Constantly maintaining that ‘I’m not drunk I swear’. They always want another drink because they are ‘sober’, even though they cannot walk in a straight line for 2 consecutive seconds.

6. Sad

The one who spends the night talking about how much he is missing his ex girlfriend. Okay dude we get it but that was 3 years ago, you need to leave it in the past! Did we mention it’s the stag night? No women talk, we’re here to have fun with the lads!

7. The Wanderer

There’s always one! He manages to stray from every conversation, every bit of craic and every pub without fail. Never intentionally mind you, it just sort of happens!

8. Angry

This is the one that just gets on everyone’s nerves at the end of the night. He is  aggressive and always looking for any excuse to start a fight with someone to show how incredibly macho he is.

9. The Professional

It must be a hobby.. surely? how does one consume that much alcohol and still manage to be perfectly stable.. he must be some sort of superhero!

10. The New Bestie

He’s the one that the stag organiser invited mistakenly – the fiances brother in law. Tries so hard to fit in. Very clingy. Needy. Has a habit of making plans that will never actually happen.

11. The Messer

This is the guy that will use any excuse to get attention. It starts off with getting rid of his shirt 30 minutes into drinking but by the end of the night he will be running around chatting to everyone in the bar, regaling boring stories from his youth!

12. The Infantile

This is the guy that gets more childlike as the night progresses. His words never makes sense, he has trouble standing and may vomit at any given moment. Warning: Needs to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

13. Reckless

He’s only in the club and before we know it he’s swinging from the lights and sliding down the banisters! Chaos ensued!

14. Sleazy

The one that never misses out on a chance to chat up every girl in the place, yet always manages to leave alone. Surprise surprise!

15. The Foodie

And last but not least is of course the food lover! Nothing else comes into this guys mind except for the food that will be consumed at the end of the night. He spends most of the night making comments such as ‘when are we going for food’ or ‘all this drink would make you hungry’. Dropping subtle hints never seems to work so he usually decides to head for a few sly slices of pizza half way through the night to keep him going until round 2 at the end of the night.


And those have been the 15 drunk stag personalities – which one are you? A round up of some of the personalities that you will more than likely come across on your stag night out! Study this list, know it inside out and and be prepared for the signs to watch out for on the stag so you know which lads to avoid like the plague!



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