Why you should plan a Pre-Stag Stag Party

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We believe all groups should plan a Pre-Stag Stag Party! So we’ve decided to get the main reasons together and list them for you here. And you can use this as reference for when the other half questions your logic!


So the Stag Do is a rite of passage! We know how much work and time goes into planning them. But the Pre-Stag Stag Party takes very little effort, and gets everyone in the partying spirit. Here is why you should plan a Pre-Stag Stag Party.


Getting to know people-

There may be some new, and some familiar faces joining the Stag. So we think it’s best everyone meets up before hand, and breaks that ice. The Groom will really appreciate this, it will save him having to introduce everyone on the Stag. He will also not have to worry about looking out for anyone on the Stag do who isn’t part of the main lad group.


People who cannot make the Stag Do-

We know not everyone will end up making it to the Stag Do. Whether that is due to work or family commitments. It is inevitable that some of the Groom to be’s guests won’t get to the actual Stag Party. So planning a Pre- Stag Stag Party is the perfect way to make them feel included in the festivities.


Planning the finer details-

Although you might be completely organised, especially if you followed our Top Tips on how to plan a Stag Party, but there might be a few smaller details you need to sort out. For example, if you have booked Karting as your activity- do you need transport to and from? Or if you are heading to the magical land of Stags- Kilkenny, do you need to book the train in advance?


Collecting the cash-

If you have booked your Stag Party with us, you cannot use this excuse because you will have access to our Grouptrakk Payment Platform. However, if you have booked it all yourself and you need to collect the cash before the event, meeting in the pub is the perfect way to soften the blow and collect the cash.


Include the other-halves-

Why not join up with the other halves and plan a Pre Hen & Pre Stag Party. This is another great way for everyone to get together in the local pub and get to know each other. And you’ll also get the spirits going for the respective Hen and Stag Parties. You might even get the Bride to Be to share some embarrassing stories about the Groom that you can use to your advantage!


These are the reasons why we believe all groups should plan a Pre-Stag Stag Party. You have no excuse now. There are plenty of reasons to drop a line into that Whatsapp Group and meet in the local.  It takes very little effort compared to planning the actual Stag Party. We also guarantee the group will be thrilled you thought of it and planned the Pre- Stag Stag Party!



So lads, don’t forget to check out our website and also follow us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information for your Stag Party. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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