Archery Tag for a Stag Party

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So lads, you’re looking for a fun Stag Party Activity that will give you a lot of fun? Well if you’re a fan of combat tag sports then we’ve got just the thing for you! Archery Tag is one of our fantastic Stag Party Activities. Some say it’s like a mix of tag rugby and paintball. Others say it’s like a mix of dodgeball and paintball. But the one thing both descriptions have in common is paintball. Yep, you’ll be having a little battle in the open against another team. But instead of shooting your mates with paintballs and making a big mess, you’ll be hitting them with arrows. So get ready to feel like Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. Archery Tag is great fun lads, and we’re about to tell you all about it. Here’s Archery Tag for a Stag Party!



So What is Archery Tag for a Stag Party?

So what exactly is Archery Tag? Well as we said above it’s like a mix between tag rugby, dodgeball and paintball. But it’s not really that simple. Your group will be split up into teams of up to 10 and you’ll face each other in a bow and arrow battle for up to 2 hours. The aim of the game is to raise your team to victory by scoring points with each shot. You’ll score points for your team by hitting a member of the other team with a well placed arrow! So get ready to duck, dive and dodge flying arrows as you and the lads try to battle your way to victory. And the best part is that you’ll all have a lot of fun doing it.



A little more about Archery Tag…

Archery Tag is great fun, completely safe and it’s super easy to get the hang of! Your first few arrows might go completely astray, but once you get the hang of the bow you’ll be hitting your mark every time! And lads, each of the arrows are foam tipped so don’t worry about getting bruised. You’ll be given a faceguard to protect the facial areas but other than that you’ll be ready to go. Then you’re free to get the adrenaline pumping in the antics that commence. By the end of the games you’ll all be thirsty and need a little sit down. But let’s face it, that’s the perfect excuse to go for a pint, right lads?


So lads, this is Archery Tag for a Stag Party.


Archery Tag is a fantastic Stag Party Activity! If you think it’s the right activity for your group, why not pop us an email? Enquire at and we’ll send you all the information you need. You can also check out our Bantry and Carlingford Packages, which both include Archery Tag as an activity choice. Let us help you get your perfect Stag Party planned. It’s only a few clicks away, lads!



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