Stag Party: Why You Should Go Abroad

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Ireland is home to a lot of incredible locations and they’re all perfectly suited to host a Stag Party. From a massive range of activities to a lot of places to eat and drink. Ireland has it all when it comes to what you need for the perfect Stag Party. But sometimes Ireland doesn’t have everything you want and you want things that it can’t really give you. That’s why we’re here to tell you that if this sounds like you, then maybe a Stag Party abroad would suit you better. So here’s Why You Should Go Abroad for your Stag Party.


Nice Weather – Why You Should Go Abroad

Sometimes in Ireland we get lucky and have a few days of scorching sun during the summer. And other than the rain getting warmer, that’s pretty much the only real summer time we get. Sometimes that’s not good enough and we might want to have our Stag Party in a country that has more good weather than bad. Places like Barcelona, Prague, Marbella, etc. These places almost guarantee good weather no matter what time of year you go. So they’re a much safer bet if good weather is something you’re looking for.


Nobody Knows You

One of the benefits of going abroad is that nobody over there will know you. But remember! As the saying goes, it’s a small world so bumping into someone you know is always a possibility no matter where you go. The likeliness of that happening is pretty slim though so you’ll almost certainly fly under the radar in a foreign country. Perfect if you want to have a chilled but fun time away with the lads.


Ireland Doesn’t Have Every Activity

One of the key parts of a Stag Party is the activity. Ireland has a massive selection of activities ranging from Paintballing to Karting, Archery Tag, Laser Tag, Surfing and many more. But it doesn’t have all of them. Some of the ones that Ireland misses out on are Cross Country Skiing, Bobsledding, a Parachute Jump, and one of our all time favourites…Tank Driving! Tank Driving is such a fantastic experience that even if it’s the only thing you do on the Stag Party, it makes the trip abroad worth it.


Cheaper Alcohol – Why You Should Go Abroad

Yep, this is also a very big piece of the Stag Party. You know you’ll want to have a few drinks on your Stag Party, so why not go somewhere that’ll give you the drinks cheaper. Granted, the cost of the flight practically cancels out the money you save on cheaper beers, but drinking in a foreign bar can be a different experience. What would you prefer more? You can even have a few Irish Drinking Games while you’re away!


So lads, we think these are some of the reasons as to why you should go abroad for your Stag Party. Like we said above, Ireland is fantastic and we’re not putting it down because having an Irish Stag Party is incredible for its own reasons. But sometimes a trip abroad is exactly what your group needs. So if you need any information on locations abroad you can email us on and we’ll help you out.


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