4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 1

4 Days In Edinburgh Day 1

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 1

It had been on my bucket list of places to visit for a long time. So when I was asked would I like to spend 4 days in Edinburgh for research purposes I responded with ‘Eh…Does a bear shit in the woods? Of Course!’. Finally I was going to Scotland a country that I’ve always wanted to visit, had gotten brilliant reviews from my friends and of course our stag parties. So this is 4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 1…


I booked myself on a stupid o’clock flight from Dublin. This was to enjoy as much time in the city as possible. The Late Late Toy Show was on the night before. I enjoyed it thoroughly with a few drinks before making my way to Dublin airport. A nice beer induced nap and before I knew it we had touched down.

I arrived in Edinburgh city centre just after 9 in the morning. Already the city was in the full hustle and bustle which was to be expected with Christmas only around the corner. I made my way to my accommodation which was a hostel centrally located in the Old Town area of the city. It was just off the Royal Mile.

Few things you should know firstly if you’re thinking of having an Edinburgh stag party. The city is split into the Old Town and New Town. Old Town is where the majority of the sights are, hideaway bars and cheaper drink deals as the University is situated on that side of town. Also the Royal Mile tends to be the go to place for any excursions, tours, meeting points or landmark to find pubs and clubs.

The New Town is exactly what you’d think it to be. It has all the high street shops, brands, etc located here. Another thing you should know is that everything is in walking distance in Edinburgh. No need really for a taxi unless a few to many beers have left you paralysed from the waist down. So if you fancy going from a cocktail bar in New Town to an underground pub in Old Town it shouldn’t take you more then 10 mins.

That’s a fact to keep in mind on a pub crawl in Edinburgh.

After munching into a huge highland breakfast complete with haggis, when in Scotland, I went exploring the city. Sure what else could I do until the pubs opened up and I could test out the bars for potential stag parties. I started by taking a short walk up Carlton Hill to take in the stunning views of Edinburgh city. It takes no more than 5 mins to walk up lads. The views are brilliant and it’s definitely somewhere I’d suggest having a sneaky toast with the lads on the stag party!

It was back down the hill past some pretty impressive hotels and into the main shopping area of Edinburgh. This is where the famous Edinburgh Christmas markets had set up. I won’t lie lads, I’m not the most Christmassy person but this market was pretty impressive. Maybe it had something to do with the Rekordilig and Baileys tents beside a BBQ.

The Christmas market even had it’s own pub should you fancy having a pint inside. But I braved the elements to enjoy a few warm Plum ciders while listening to some bag pipes. I felt very Scottish…well except for the plum cider which was savage lads.

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 1

After rehydrating, I strolled back up into Old Town to take a glimpse of Edinburgh Castle, taking in some history of the city and the obligatory selfie. Ireland isn’t short on castles to be fair lads. So it takes something pretty spectacular to impress and this does so. Amongst the hive of activity and tourists stands this magnificent castle perched on top of an extinct volcano called Castle Rock. So take a stroll up to the castle and tick ‘Standing on a Volcano’ off your bucket list too.

It was back then to the hostel where I bumped into a few others visiting the city. Guys and girls from all corners off the world enjoying this great city. I enjoyed a few cans of beer with them before strolling into the New Town area to see what Saturday Night in Edinburgh is all about.

Firstly, it is winter after all, it was bloody cold. My level of admiration reached a new level for the women who were wearing short skirts that night. Every bar I seemed to go into was rocking. At the same time the pubs weren’t crazy busy. So you won’t be waiting ages for a drink. Happy days!

The locals are great craic in all honesty and I’m not just saying that. You’ll be chatting with them at the bar, at your table or wherever and they’ll be up for a mad night as much as you are. The ideal situation should you be arriving on for a weekend of stag party shenanigans.

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 1

Beer wise there is some much on offer in Edinburgh. A lot of bars will do drink deals which is always a good thing on a stag party weekend. Another thing to know lads is that there is a host of local beers in different pubs that are a little cheaper. Handy for an all day session.

After drinking long into the night it was time to head to the leaba. Sunday would consist of another day of exploring, sightseeing, activities and drinking my body weight in beer and scotch.

Finally, make sure you join me for 4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 2!




This has been 4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 1!

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