4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 4

4 Days In Edinburgh Day 4

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 4

As the sun began to heat up the streets of Edinburgh on my final day I set about planning what I’ll do with my final few hours in this great city. As I’m not much of a shopper I couldn’t be bothered trying to do some Christmas shopping or anything like that. Plus that money could be used for more important things like pints and scotch. So here’s 4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 4!

My flight was a late night flight home to maximize my time in Scotland’s capital. After checking out of my accommodation I set my sights on a proper feed for breakfast. Lads you’ll be spoiled for choice and you’ll be able to load up on food to last well into the afternoon for less than £10.

I decided to take a quick stroll town the other end of the Royal Mile. At other end is the Queen’s residence when she stays in Scotland. Very modest I must say.

After I had pleased the inner tourist in me I made my way back up the Royal Mile stopping off in one of the most unique pubs you’ll come across.

A swift pint in this great pub was followed by indulging my inner fat kid with buying some fudge. I honestly felt like Uter from the Simpsons.


After briefly satisfying my hunger…

After briefly satisfying my hunger and thirst I made my way back up Royal Mile and over into New Town to experience the Christmas markets one last time. As every man always has room for dessert I lashed into a few waffles covered in Nutella. For soakage purposes of course because I planned on planting myself firmly in the pub shortly until it was time to get the plane home.

Not before I decided to enjoy Edinburgh by one of the most unique ways possible. By being spun 360 degrees high above the city. Not for everyone but sure it was my last day. Plus it made the hot toddys afterwards even better as I was frozen.

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 4

Off with me then to chill out and enjoy a few beers that are hard to come by back in Ireland. Especially on tap. As the Jolly judge was on route I popped in for one, as it would be rude not too. Then onwards to the Brass Monkey to chill out by the fire and take in all I had experience in the wonderful Edinburgh.

I can’t but recommend this city to anyone looking at having a stag party abroad. I barely scratched the surface of activities that are on offer in this city. There’s history around every corner which is swiftly followed by a brilliant little pub or tavern. Perfect for a stag party pub crawl.


The accommodation…

The accommodation is in walking distance of everything and it’s only a 20-30 min bus trip from the airport. The Edinburgh locals are brilliant fun. They know how to drink. And with all the people visiting you’re bound to meet some characters along the way.

So, all in all I came back a broken man from the sheer amount of drink I had. But I wanted to experience the city as a stag would of course. Lads you’re in for a brilliant stag party weekend should you decide on an Edinburgh stag. I’m already planning my next visit back!

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