4 Stages Of Ordering a Pint on the Stag Night

4 Stages Of Ordering a Pint on the Stag Night

4 Stages Of Ordering a Pint on the Stag Night

Let’s be honest lads, after the stag party activity the main thing on the weekend is giving your best mate a proper send off over pints. The anticipation for a stag weekend knowing you’re going on one hell of a session with the lads is always an immense feeling. And when that first sip touch your lips you’ll feel yourself settling in for a wild weekend to the sound of ahhhh…However, there is 4 Stages Of Ordering a Pint on the Stag Night that add to this simple pleasure.

Getting the Barman’s Attention

There is a theatre almost when it comes to ordering a pint. You approach a busy bar. Jostle for space. Then you’re trying to decide how do I grab his attention. Do I give a wave? The Head Nod? Stick my head under the tap because I’m gasping? (We do not recommend doing this as your night will end very early.)


Ordering the pint

You’ve got the barman’s attention. Now it’s time to order, but it’s the Stag night and the bar is heaving, music pumping and a few women screaming because their tune came on. So, do you shout your order? Do the hand signal for a pint? Or do you mouth the words for 2 pints of Heineken and 3 Jagerbombs. All is depending on the size of the order and if the lads have spotted your prime position for getting a round in for the stag.

If it’s just the one, I go with the tried and tested pointing at the tap. Especially if it’s loud.


The Pouring of the Pint

We all have our ways of pouring a pint so there is always a nervous wait as you see the barman pulling the pint. If it’s beer you just want and to comeback with a little bit of head and not resembling something like they just poured Heineken into a glass of fairy liquid. Most of the time your sound with beer being poured in a bar.

However, if you’re a stout man like myself, there is nothing worse than watching a bad pour. It almost spoils the pint before it has even graced your lips. The glass tilted to 45 degrees and filled near to the top then allowed to settle. Give it time and then finish it off.

It still haunts me watching someone pour a pint of stout straight to the top and then serve it to me on a stag party night.

The First Sup

It’s the simple pleasures in life lads. But arguably one of the best is that first sup off a pint when you’re gasping. You’ve just had a mad day of Paintball, Karting or Clay Pigeon Shooting, you’ve worked up a thirst and now it’s time to get settled into a night on the beer. After all the waiting the barman hands your pint. You can’t even wait to take it back to the table. You dive straight in and it’s pure bliss and you know it’s going to be one hell of a Stag Party night.



So, there you have it lads. The 4 Stages Of Ordering a Pint on the Stag Night, we all do it differently but all get the same result and it’s all about giving one of your mates one hell of a Stag weekend.

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