5 New Events added to the Olympics

New Olympic Game

5 New Events added to the Olympics

The Olympics are just around the corner and we can’t wait to see what Rio has in store for us, especially now that there are 5 new events added to the Olympics. See if you can incorporate any of the new Olympic events into your stag party with the lads!


Drinking without pulling a face

This is an Olympic event that we are very eager to get on board with! Every lad going to a stag must attempt this. Once you have finished downing a drink it’s important to hold all your emotions back, even though you might want to squint your eyes or cough! Any facial movements as a result of the drink are deemed unacceptable and are against the rules, you will be disqualified! So keep your game face on and down your drink like a man. A gold medal will only be awarded to the guy who doesn’t flinch!


Beard Challenge

Only the toughest men compete in the beard game. This Olympic game brings with it a test of character and a surprising journey of self discovery. So you need to be 100% sure that you and the lads at the stag have what it takes to be a part of it. As with any Olympic event, preparation is key and it is an essential part to winning gold at Rio. Just keep picturing yourself in first place on top of the podium at Rio. The gold medal goes to the lad whose beard is superior to his competitors. It’s rated in terms of its condition, length, texture and thickness.


Making Pizza like a Pro

Making pizza like a pro is not a surprising addition to the Olympics considering every man loves pizza! What could be better than eating a pizza that you have made with your own hands! This will go down especially well after drinking copious amounts of alcohol during the stag party. A gold medal will be awarded to the guy who has a pizza that is like no other. You need to delight the judges taste buds and gives them a pizza that they won’t forget. Extra points go to the guy who can toss the dough like a pro!


Bag Lifting

This is one of the more challenging Olympic events in Rio this year. Athletes must race against the clock to see how many bags of groceries they can lift for the longest time using both hands. Competitors are prohibited from using any additional objects of their choice to aid in the bag carrying process. Any lads who use help from another guy at the stag will be penalised. The winner is the guy who can hold the bags for the longest time.


The Art of Avoidance 

To become the avoidance champion, athletes need to use a variety of different techniques like speed, precision and agility in order to remain hidden and out of sight. This is when your inner ninja comes in to play. You can dodge people to an expert level (like the time at your friends stag party when the grooms ex girlfriend showed up and he avoided her like the plague)! The gold medal is awarded to the lad who goes undetected in a variety of different situations given to him by the judges.

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