5 Reasons you need to have your Stag in Carrick on Shannon

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5 Reasons you need to have your Stag in Carrick on Shannon

Carrick on Shannon is like the Capital of a Stag and Hen party country! Anyone coming from a different galaxy could imagine that this town is called “Stags on Shannon”. On the other hand, they may imagine that they had just gone to heaven in a stag and hen party boat. We will explore 5 reasons why you need to have your stag in Carrick on Shannon.

Stag and Hen Party friendly

Attitude is very important is the tourist industry and the people of Carrick on Shannon have embraced the Stags and Hens. They see it as a very vibrant business in a small town where tourism is seasonal. The friendly attitude combined with the business acumen of the residents means that the town is a great place for Stags. 

The attitude of the Stags is also important and once to vibe comes from the host, the guests normally reply with love and respect. Now stags, having their last fling can easily let the testosterone levels slide off the Richter scale, but doing so in a controlled and dignified manner separates the men from the pups. Carrick appreciates that.

Plenty of Hens

No sir, there’s no danger of contacting avian flu in Carrick on Shannon. We are not talking about those kinds of hens, so don’t bother bringing a basket for the eggs either. A Hen party is usually the final knee’s up for a girl heading to the alter and settling down. That’s the theory in any event.

Because Carrick on Shannon is so stag friendly, it follows that the same yardstick can be applied to the female version. It has become a Mecca for Hen’s. Many a new romance has flourished after the trip up to Carrick on Shannon.

Lots of activities

If the stags are looking for an adrenaline rush then one option in Carrick on Shannon would be buggy racing. This is high octane stuff. Firstly your group are kitted out in waterproof overalls and fitted with helmets. You must remember to bring your own willies, sorry, that should read wellies, as is all about muck and slush. Each person sits in a custom made four wheel drive buggy with special suspensions and anti-roll bars  The track has lots mud tracks, steep inclines, shallow streams, grass areas, quarry pits overtaking zones and steep declines. Did we mention MUD? Yup, mud, mud, glorious mud!! That said, its thrill a minute stuff and great fun.

If the group would prefer something that required less sweat then consider taking a trip on the Shannon on the moon river boat. This customised craft has a seating capacity for 110 people, has a bar and serves food. Entertainment is also supplied on board as you glide alone the scenic river Shannon. But there are lots of other activities for stags in Carrick on Shannon, like paintballing and obstacle courses.

Hotels and Restaurants

Carrick on Shannon is a tourist town, a service industry and if it doesn’t look after its customers it will die a death in winter.

The industry there looks after it clients and itself. Its Hotels, bars and restaurants are maintained to the highest order and the staffs are great to deal with. The local people are friendly and always helpful and always extend a warm welcome for Hens and Stags.

Bars and nightclubs

Hopping bars and nightclubs, like Kilkenny, is a popular form of entertainment in Carrick. Murtaghs is high on the list of special nightclubs in the town.



So, there we have it, a tribute to the town and its people and the 5 reasons you need to have your Stag in Carrick on Shannon.



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