5 reasons you need to have your stag in Cork

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Here we have 5 reasons you need to have your stag in Cork!


“As we sported and played ‘neath the green leafy shade, on the banks of my own lovely Lee”

Lines taken from the National anthem of Cork, or as they refer to it in Cork as “De Banks”

Cork is unique and we will limit it’s glorification to just 5 reasons why you need to have your stag in Cork.



  1. The People. Corkonians;

Cork has charmers in spades! So, come well prepared for lots of humour, laughs, codology, friendliness and a hand full of bull shit. We may have to write a guide on understanding the Cork people and their colourful accent. It’s the interaction with the people of the Southern capital that makes a stag party so special. This means that the locals are always prepared to share stories and enjoy banter with visiting stag party members. And, stags will also be delighted by the beauty of the ladies in the City. (But be careful as they don’t fall easily for non Cork bullshitters!)

2. Easy access.

Cork is well served in terms of ease of access. It is served by a network of motorways linking it to all main centres. For instance, Dublin, the capital is a mere two and a half hours drive. We continuously rattle on about using designated drivers for stag parties. It is not a good idea. So, hire a professional driver and coach from a reputable company and let everyone else go on the tear. Cork is also serviced by rail and an international airport for stags coming from abroad.

3. Activities.

The City and surrounds has a large range of both indoor and outdoor activities. So, why not take the stags to one of the Karting facilities and burn off some of the pent up frustration suffered from gridlock in the cities?! Get kitted out, throw on the helmet and plonk into the low slung Kart and let it rip. You can challenge the clock or your stag party friends. Usually the circuit will allow a practice round before the real thing. Vroom!!

Water sports are a favourite activity. Therefore, hiring a rib in the City or in the harbour town of Cobh would be a great way of clearing the cobwebs from the brain. These high speed boats surf at exhilarating pace across the harbour and out into the open sea. They are crewed and operated by professionals and come equipped with all the gear and life jackets. The staff at will organise all of those activities for your stag party.

4. The City scene.

The centre of Cork lies between the North and south Channel of the river Lee. This is Corks Manhattan. This is where most of the action takes place. There are loads of bars, restaurants and swinging night life; the only exception to that is McCurtain Street which is across the north channel of the Lee and runs parallel to the river. And, it’s an area that has been revived in recent times and is now becoming the “New Orleans” of Cork. Therefore this means late night bars and plenty of music. And, Washington Street on the opposite side of town also competes for that distinction. Because Cork City is so popular for Stags, it also holds the same attraction for Hen parties. Many a romance began this way.

5. The hair of the dog.

The morning after the night before auld stock!  Think about an early morning cure for the sore heads. Check out Tony’s on the North main street. Or, the Welcome Inn in Parnell place will settle the shakes as you reflect on the 5 reasons to have your stag in Cork. 




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