6 Things You Learn About Yourself On A Stag Weekend

6 Things You Learn About Yourself On A Stag Weekend

Everyone is of the impression that the stag weekend is all about the groom and what he gets out of it. Rest assured as I’m here to tell you the 6 things you learn about yourself on a stag weekend.


1. That You Are Ambidextrous.

At some point or another you will take part in a drinking game either in your accommodation or in the pub. One of the rules in the drinking game will probably involve drinking with your opposite hand. Failure to do so will lead to a forfeit which you’ll probably want to avoid. As the night drags on you realise that you’ve been successfully drinking with your opposite hand under the heavy influence of alcohol. It’s dawned on you, you’re ambidextrous!



2. That You Can Be A Functioning Alcoholic.

Drinking on a stag weekend will usually start as soon as you can get out of work. You’ll spend the entire weekend filling yourself up to the gills with beer, shots and liqour. Chances are you’ll wake up the following morning, still drunk from the night before and crack open another can to continue on the celebrations.

It’s at this point when you realise that you are able to cook, shower, organise the lads, take part in the stag party activities and a variety of other tasks while drunk. The idea pops into your head that you could be a functioning alcoholic. However, Monday eventually arrives and bursts that bubble.


3. Your Sense Of Smell Vanishes.

Let’s be honest, when you’re drinking on a stag weekend you lose a lot of things. Money, clothes, dignity and strangely your sense of smell. It’s true, your sense of smell vanishes like a fart in the wind. Think about it, after a big night out, your better half will say, ‘you smell of drink!’ and you will be totally oblivious to it and that’s even after a shower. So think about it, a group of lads away on a stag weekend, all drinking, and all probably smelling and not any notice given to it.

The only thing you’ll smell is the spray of lynx before you hit the town and the splash of aftershave you put on to make sure you smell good for the ladies.

Sense of Smell

Sense of Smell

4. Sleep Deprivation Has No Effect On You.

This is one thing everyone one on a stag will learn about themselves, is that they need very little sleep to spend a day drinking, an afternoon karting or paintballing, and a night partying before getting back to your accommodation to continue drinking the stock pile you brought with you, or be the reason the porter who looks after the residents bar can send his kids to college in your attempt to empty the bar.

6 Things You Learn About Yourself On A Stag Weekend

Sleepy Or Drunk

5. You Will Be Convinced That Monday Doesn’t Exist.

As soon as that first beer touches your lips on the Friday, you will automatically eliminate Monday from your mind. Your main focus for the next 72 hours will be to get the stag, yourself and your drunken mates. When asked about Monday and going back to work you will respond with ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m getting another pint’.

Mondays Don't Exist

Mondays Don’t Exist

6. Food Is Not For Enjoyment, It’s For Soakage.

Usually when you go away on a normal weekend, you dine out and enjoy fine dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You go out of your way to tantilise your taste buds. This however is a stag weekend, so food serves only one purpose, soakage. It’s there to diminish the effects of all that alcohol.

6 Things You Learn About Yourself On A Stag Weekend

Bit Of Soakage

People always say you continue to learn throughout your life and a stag weekend is no different.



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