7 Facts To Know About A Tralee Stag Party

7 Facts To Know About A Tralee Stag Party

7 Facts To Know About A Tralee Stag Party

Kerry’s little secret gem of a stag party location is what we call it. This fantastic Kerry town is carving out a serious reputation of the place to send stag parties if they really want a wild night and to celebrate the stags last night of freedom properly. So with stag parties flocking to this great Kerry town on the northern side of the Dingle peninsula we’ve put together 7 Facts To Know About A Tralee Stag Party. You’re in for a treat.


1. Tralee Town

To begin with Tralee town is the largest town in Kerry and the capital of Kerry too. This means it’s big enough to handle a load of stag party messers. It’s also easily accessible by train or by road. So if you decide to leave the cars at home lads, ye can enjoy a few beers on the train going to the stag and on the way home too.

Just like this guy!


2. Pubs & Clubs

Due to the size of Tralee, there really isn’t any shortage of pubs or nightclubs. If you think you’ll be able to hit them all on one pub crawl, you’re going to need more than just a weekend to do it. All the pubs have a fantastic atmosphere, live music and great banter.

Tralee also has a college, which means there is plenty of nightclubs to avail of if a late bar isn’t your thing. We’ll also make sure you’re looked after when you get in the club with a few shots. You just have to ask nicely.


3. The Activities

Tralee is located quiet possibly in the most ideal location to host a huge range of stag party activities. This great Kerry town can cater for whatever needs the stag party has. So if you want to hit the water you can go surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and even go on a booze cruise. And if staying on dry land is more your thing then you can do some paintball, bubble football, a night at the dogs, and if you just want to watch the sport we can organise that too.


4. The People

Ok you might be thinking, sure I’m going on a Tralee stag party with all my mates, I’m sorted. But let’s be honest here lads, you’ll probably end up at some point chatting to some randomer in the bar and will be having shots with him and singing with him before you know it. It will look like ye have been friends for years. It’s meeting these characters on stag weekend that makes the whole thing a memorable night.

The Tralee people are just a great laugh and will make sure that the stag party weekend is one to remember or…one you remember parts of.


5. The Food

Lads when you stumble out of the club and are hanging for a munch and sprouting quotes like “I’d ate a Cow between 2 bread vans”, you’ll find plenty of fantastic chippers that will serve up your favourite burger, breast in a bun, chips or whatever craving the drink has given ya.


6. Lovely Girls

It’s plays host to the ‘Lovely Girls’ competition,…excuse me…The Rose Of Tralee, each year. Sure the idea for the Rose of Tralee was thought up in a pub and this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Who knows you might come up with a great idea yourself.

7. The Have Great Sayings For Drinking

They do have a fantastic way in Tralee of describing your drinking. If you’re a lightweight you might hear someone say “He can’t drink fog at all“. Or if you got sick after a few drinks you might hear “That Guinness made him sick, twas all pulgadáneens“. And finally for all those lads that when they drink a beer, it goes straight through them “I was drinking like van der sar last night“.


So there you have it lads 7 Facts to know about a Tralee Stag Party. Make sure you have your game face on because the partying, the drinking and shenanigans will be non stop from the moment you set foot in Tralee for the stag party weekend.


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