7 Tips For Staying Up All Night Drinking On The Stag

7 Tips For Staying Up All Night Drinking On The Stag

7 Tips For Staying Up All Night Drinking On The Stag

Right no one wants to be that ‘guy’ on the stag party weekend that spends more time asleep than awake. No one wants to miss out on all the craic and laughs that a stag party brings. More importantly, if you fall asleep first you’re more than likely to have a host of stag party pranks played on. Even if you’re not the groom.

We at want you to thoroughly enjoy the stag party we’ve put together for you. We want it to be one hell of a send off and live long in the memory. So with that in mind here are 7 Tips For Staying Up All Night Drinking On The Stag!


1. It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint.

It seems like pretty common sense that if you plan on drinking all day and all night on your stag party weekend that you should pace yourself. Some lads however lash straight into shots as soon as they finish work for the stag party weekend.

Listen to your body and take your pints slow. Enjoy them a bit more, safe in the knowledge there will be plenty of time to ruin your liver in the club with shots and things you wouldn’t wash your drains out with.

Also remember if you think you’ve had enough, call it a good run and put the beer down. But, be aware that it could also be that your body is still working through the last pint. So skipping one round could be the game changer for you to continue long into the night. Just call it Half-Time.


2. Total Volume For Minimal Impact

Continuing on from the first point, if you plan on drinking long periods of time and well into the night, go for drinks with a low alcohol percentage. Sipping on beer is ideal as most beers have an average alcohol percentage of 4.5%. If you decide to be Johnny Big Balls and neck whiskeys all night you’ll find yourself face down in a bar somewhere and opening yourself up for stag party pranks.


3. Get Some Food Into Ya

Soakage lads! If you want to stay up all drinking, fuel your antics with a good feed that will provide not only essential energy to party like a mad thing on the stag party night but will also help to absorb some of the alcohol. Big Cheeseburgers and pizza in my opinion are the super foods for all night drinking.


4. Sneaky Pint Of Water

Alcohol will dehydrate you. We’ve all been there lads, as soon as you break the seal on the stag party night you’re heading for dehydration. So when you can get some water into you, do. I know it might result in a few slags from the lads but if you’re aiming for an all nighter then having water is your best friend.


5. Sleep

Let’s keep this simple, Beer makes you sleepy. So if you’re sleepy heading out on the stag party night you’ll be struggling at the back end of the night when everyone is on about a few late ones back in the accommodation. So the night before get as much sleep as possible. That means going to bed early and spending as much time with the Sandman because you don’t plan on seeing him again until after the stag party weekend.


6. Ice, Ice, Baby

Another tip for staying up all night drinking is staying cool. The summer is here lads and we all love chilling in the beer gardens with a beer and our best mates. However, the heat will make you sweat more, dehydrate you quicker and bring on the effects of alcohol quicker.

So if you’re drinking during the day and aiming for staying up all night on the stag party. Then stay cool, find some shade and don’t miss any of the shenanigans of the stag night.


7. Practice Makes Perfect

Probably not the best bit of advice but let’s be honest, seasoned drinkers can drink more and hold it a hell of a lot better. They are also the ones you know it’s going to take one hell of a concoction to knock those bad boys out for the night. So in the run up to the stag party weekend, it might be wise to do a test run, see if you have what it takes to go the distance. You’ll know what you body can do and the punishment it can take.


So there you have it lads, 7 Tips For Staying Up All Night Drinking On The Stag that we hope will come in handy, and ensure you have fantastic memories of a great stag party weekend.



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