A Pub Crawl In Belfast

A Pub Crawl In Belfast

A Pub Crawl In Belfast

Lads if you haven’t ventured across the border in recent times to experience a night out in Belfast city you’re missing out. I know you’ve all probably been up to get cheap drink for parties or the festive season but nothing beats a good pub crawl and a pub crawl in Belfast is fantastic craic!

Belfast as a stag party location offers so much in variety of bars. If you like the old style, football on the TV and quality pints you’ve got that in the truck load in Belfast. Alternatively if a more of a live music, funky bar sort of stag party then you too are also in for a treat.

Here are just a few bars to visit on a pub crawl in Belfast.

The Dirty Onion

The Dirty Onion in Belfast has a fantastic beer garden and always seems to have a brilliant live music playing. This is becoming one of the most popular late night spots in Belfast. On the weekend, when you venture on the stag party, the place will be rocking.

The Bot Nightclub / Bar

‘The Bot’ is pretty much an institution in Belfast and if you’ve ever been the likelihood is that you’ve been. It has a few different bars inside. Add that to the nightclub it has and it also does some pretty good grub. You may stay a bit longer in this pub on a pub crawl in Belfast.

Filthy McNasty’s

This a brilliant bar in Belfast that has a wonderful roof terrace. It also has all the matches on TV so you don’t miss a minute of the action on your stag party weekend. As the night goes on it’s also another great venue to listen to some live music.

The Duke Of York

Located in the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast which is pretty much in the centre of Belfast. That means that there is always something happening in this pub. The atmosphere in the pub is something to be experienced and you’re bound to have some great serious craic here.

The Northern Whig

You can’t miss this place lads. Also located in the Cathedral Quarter, which means a short walk between the last bar, this great Belfast bar is very new age, cosmopolitan with savage food and great cocktails. The bar itself is also pretty striking with big statues and high ceilings is always a popular spot on a night out.

Robinson’s Bar

A bar steeped in Belfast history. It’s one of the longest established bars in the city and definitely worth popping in an wetting you beak. It has a number of venues inside from the saloon, the bistro and BT1. It also has some titanic memorabilia inside that’s worth look also.


Thompsons in Belfast is arguably one of the best known nightclubs in Northern Ireland. It regularly plays host to international DJ’s and stays open well into the early morning. If you love hitting the club then this place is definitely worth a look.

Sweet Afton

Lastly for all those lads who love craft beers then the Sweet Afton has to be one of your stops as you make your way around Belfast. It also has a tasty food menu which will be needed to fuel your stag party antics and to give you some soakage. Also if you like a cocktail or two the cocktail menu here is pretty impressive.

So there you have it lads, a few places to check out on a Belfast stag party and the customary stag party pub crawl.



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